Definitions of stage

  1. To put on the stage, as a play.
  2. Theat. To arrange for the stage; exhibit on the stage.
  3. any distinct time period in a sequence of events; " we are in a transitional stage in which many former ideas must be revised or rejected"
  4. a large platform on which people can stand and can be seen by an audience; " he clambered up onto the stage and got the actors to help him into the box"
  5. any scene regarded as a setting for exhibiting or doing something; " All the world's a stage"-- Shakespeare; " it set the stage for peaceful negotiations"
  6. the theater as a profession ( usually ` the stage'); " an early movie simply showed a long kiss by two actors of the contemporary stage"
  7. perform ( a play), especially on a stage; " we are going to stage ` Othello'"
  8. A floor or story of a house.
  9. An elevated platform on which an orator may speak, a play be performed, an exhibition be presented, or the like.
  10. A floor elevated for the convenience of mechanical work, or the like; a scaffold; a staging.
  11. A platform, often floating, serving as a kind of wharf.
  12. The floor for scenic performances; hence, the theater; the playhouse; hence, also, the profession of representing dramatic compositions; the drama, as acted or exhibited.
  13. A place where anything is publicly exhibited; the scene of any noted action or carrer; the spot where any remarkable affair occurs.
  14. The platform of a microscope, upon which an object is placed to be viewed. See Illust. of Microscope.
  15. A degree of advancement in a journey; one of several portions into which a road or course is marked off; the distance between two places of rest on a road; as, a stage of ten miles.
  16. A degree of advancement in any pursuit, or of progress toward an end or result.
  17. A large vehicle running from station to station for the accomodation of the public; a stagecoach; an omnibus.
  18. One of several marked phases or periods in the development and growth of many animals and plants; as, the larval stage; pupa stage; zoea stage.
  19. To exhibit upon a stage, or as upon a stage; to display publicly.
  20. A raised platform, on which an orator may speak, a play may be presented, etc.; the theatrical profession; the drama; theater; a place of rest on a journey; degree of progress; a stagecoach.
  21. An elevated platform, esp. in a theatre: theatre: theatrical representations: any place of exhibition or performance: a place of rest on a journey or road: distance between places: degree of progress.
  22. A raised platform; theatre; any place of exhibition; part of a journey performed without resting; degree of progress; stagecoach.
  23. The raised platform on which the performance takes place in a theater; any elevated platform; the profession of an actor; a scene of action.
  24. A step or degree.
  25. One of several regular stopping places in a route; also, the distance from one to another.
  26. A large four wheeled conveyance making regular trips. stage coach.
  27. An elevated floor or platform, as for the exhibition of something to public view; the floor of a theatre on which the actors perform; the theatre; theatrical representations; the theatrical profession; place of action; a place of rest on a journey; the distance between such places of rest; a single step; degree of progression, either in increase or decrease; a stage- coach.
  28. A framework of timber on which anything is made to stand; a floor; a story; one degree of elevation; a landing- quay or pier; the theatre or theatrical representations; also the actual part where the performance takes place; any place of action; a resting- place on a journey; the distance travelled over without resting; degree of progress or advance.
  29. A period in the life- history of metamorphous animals.