Usage examples for squad

  1. Delaney will be up from the office with his flying squad. – Whispering Wires by Henry Leverage
  2. But he had tried for four years and he had always been on the squad. – Death Points a Finger by Will Levinrew
  3. D'ye think you are a 'cruity in the awkward squad still? – The Dynasts An Epic-Drama Of The War With Napoleon, In Three Parts, Nineteen Acts, And One Hundred And Thirty Scenes by Thomas Hardy
  4. " The governor of Portland would send down a squad of police who would publish the whole affair. – A Tale of a Lonely Parish by F. Marion Crawford
  5. Here, there, everywhere, as Morton and his squad cornered a rustler, Steele would go in, ordering surrender, promising protection. – The Rustlers of Pecos County by Zane Grey
  6. A squad of policemen, who had entered the car from the rear, forced their way put on to the platform. – Seven Keys to Baldpate by Earl Derr Biggers
  7. El Tigre headed the squad, followed by two junior matadores, three banderilleros, three capadores, and two mounted picadores, while at the rear of the column came two teams of little, half- wild, prancing, dancing Spanish mules, one team black, the other white, each composed of three mules harnessed abreast as for a chariot race, but dragging behind them nothing but a heavy double tree, to which the dead of the day's fight might be attached and dragged out of the arena. – The Red-Blooded Heroes of the Frontier by Edgar Beecher Bronson
  8. Arrived there, he thanked those about him for their kindness and requested the officer in charge to allow him to face the firing- squad, since he had never been a traitor to Spain. – The Social Cancer A Complete English Version of Noli Me Tangere by José Rizal
  9. I walked over to the fire made by one squad of soldiers and picked up a tin bucket. – Complete Story of the San Francisco Horror by Richard Linthicum Trumbull White Samuel Fallows
  10. The Master walked a few paces, turned and faced the squad. – The Flying Legion by George Allan England
  11. When the squad took the field Clint saw that Cupples had taken his place at right tackle and that Robbins was at left. – Left Tackle Thayer by Ralph Henry Barbour
  12. The offer was refused, and again the squad moved on. – Detailed Minutiae of Soldier life in the Army of Northern Virginia, 1861-1865 by Carlton McCarthy
  13. He seems inclined to be fair and just to every member of the squad, so what more can you ask of him. – Dave Darrin's Fourth Year at Annapolis by H. Irving Hancock
  14. The nobleman and his son wheeled about, then stiffened to rigid attention at sight of Jaltor, king of Ammad, standing at the forefront of a squad of his own guards. – The Return of Tharn by Howard Carleton Browne
  15. The sight was highly amusing to the rest of the squad, all of whom could boast of some football experience. – Over the Line by Harold M. Sherman
  16. Behind 20 it is carried a plain wooden box, draped with the Stars and Stripes, while a firing squad marches in the rear. – Story Hour Readings: Seventh Year by E.C. Hartwell
  17. Accompanied by the squad, they climbed into the car and left. – A World by the Tale by Gordon Randall Garrett