Usage examples for springing

  1. Haven't we had enough-" " And there you sit," cried Wayne, springing erect and with a voice like a trumpet, " with no argument but to insult the King before his face." – The Napoleon of Notting Hill by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  2. I rather enjoyed your springing at me- it was a new sensation." – The Lost Despatch by Natalie Sumner Lincoln
  3. " He is to be my husband," said Lucy, springing up. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope
  4. " No, don't go," cried Anson, springing forward and grasping his arm. – A Dash from Diamond City by George Manville Fenn
  5. Springing up from the chair in which I had been seated: " You preposterous fool!" – Bat Wing by Sax Rohmer
  6. " I'll go," cried Joel, springing off, but Polly called him back. – The Adventures of Joel Pepper by Margaret Sidney
  7. Springing out of bed, I groped my way to the window. – The Firefly Of France by Marion Polk Angellotti
  8. As they hurried across it, the curate caught sight of something on the ground, and, springing forward, found Leopold. – Thomas Wingfold, Curate by George MacDonald
  9. Instead of springing overboard, as all expected, he asked another instant of delay. – Jack Tier or The Florida Reef by James Fenimore Cooper
  10. Another step went springing down. – The Other Girls by Mrs. A. D. T. Whitney
  11. Then springing up in despair, he exclaimed, " But I must live- I cannot die." – Precaution by James Fenimore Cooper
  12. She came walking along with the proud springing step I had noticed that first day, and she was talking away to the others as if to cheer and encourage them, even though the boy was full three years older than she, and supposed to be taking charge of her and her sister, I fancy. – Nurse Heatherdale's Story by Mary Louisa Molesworth
  13. " Ay, and so it were," cried Morgan, springing on his knees. – Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson
  14. Then, at one leap, springing across his body, he cut open his throat with his dagger. – Stories about Animals: with Pictures to Match by Francis C. Woodworth
  15. But he longed to enter the crowd of heroes, and to break through, springing upon them. – The Iliad of Homer (1873) by Homer
  16. He led her to the house, walking quickly and with springing step. – Patty Blossom by Carolyn Wells
  17. She was about springing forward, when another scene was presented. – The Home Mission by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English