Definitions of spout

  1. To pour out copiously; declaim.
  2. To throw out forcibly and in large amount in a jet or stream, as from a pipe; colloquially, to utter pompously; as, to spout poetry.
  3. To throw out, as from a pipe.
  4. To discharge forcibly, as a liquid.
  5. To come forth with violence in a jet or stream, as from a pipe; to recite anything in a pompous manner.
  6. To issue with force.
  7. gush forth in a sudden stream or jet of liquids
  8. talk in a noisy, excited, or declamatory manner
  9. To throw out, as liquids through a pipe; to mouth; to speechify.
  10. To throw or pour out water forcibly, as from a pipe; to issue with much force; to speechify, in contempt.
  11. an opening that allows the passage of liquids or grain
  12. To throw out forcibly and abudantly, as liquids through an office or a pipe; to eject in a jet; as, an elephant spouts water from his trunk.
  13. To utter magniloquently; to recite in an oratorical or pompous manner.
  14. To pawn; to pledge; as, spout a watch.
  15. To issue with with violence, or in a jet, as a liquid through a narrow orifice, or from a spout; as, water spouts from a hole; blood spouts from an artery.
  16. To eject water or liquid in a jet.
  17. To utter a speech, especially in a pompous manner.
  18. That through which anything spouts; a discharging lip, pipe, or orifice; a tube, pipe, or conductor of any kind through which a liquid is poured, or by which it is conveyed in a stream from one place to another; as, the spout of a teapot; a spout for conducting water from the roof of a building.
  19. A trough for conducting grain, flour, etc., into a receptacle.
  20. A discharge or jet of water or other liquid, esp. when rising in a column; also, a waterspout.
  21. The projecting mouth of a vessel; a pipe or tube for carrying off a liquid in a stream or jet.
  22. Spouter.
  23. The projecting mouth of a vessel from which a stream issues: a pipe for conducting a liquid.
  24. Projecting mouth of a vessel; pipe for discharging.
  25. A tube, etc., for the discharge of a liquid.
  26. The projecting mouth of a vessel, from which a liquid issues; a pipe for conducting water, specially from a roof; a waterspout.
  27. The projecting mouth of a vessel, by which a liquid may be poured out without spilling; a pipe or conductor of water.