Definitions of splint

  1. To confine with splints.
  2. To confine with splints, as a fractured limb.
  3. a thin sliver of wood; " he lit the fire with a burning splint"
  4. support with a splint; " splint a broken finger"
  5. A piece split off; a splinter.
  6. A thin piece of wood, or other substance, used to keep in place, or protect, an injured part, especially a broken bone when set.
  7. A splint bone.
  8. A disease affecting the splint bones, as a callosity or hard excrescence.
  9. One of the small plates of metal used in making splint armor. See Splint armor, below.
  10. Splint, or splent, coal. See Splent coal, under Splent.
  11. To split into splints, or thin, slender pieces; to splinter; to shiver.
  12. To fasten or confine with splints, as a broken limb. See Splint, n., 2.
  13. A small piece split off; a splinter; a thin piece of wood to keep a broken bone, etc., in position; a thin strip of wood for weaving baskets, etc.
  14. A small piece of wood split off: ( med.) a thin piece of wood, etc., for confining a broken or injured limb: a hard excrescence on the shankbone of a horse.
  15. Thin piece of wood, & c., to confine a broken limb.
  16. A thin strip, as of wood, to hold a fractured limb in place; any thin flat piece; splinter.
  17. A piece of wood split off; a thin piece of wood, used to hold or confine a broken bone when set, or to keep any part in a fixed position; a hard excrescence growing on the shank- bones of horses.
  18. A small piece split off from a larger; in surg., a thin piece of wood used to confine in its proper position a broken bone after being set; a hard excrescence growing on the shank- bone of a horse; a hard laminated coal, intermediate between cannel and common pit coal.