Definitions of spider

  1. a computer program that prowls the internet looking for publicly accessible resources that can be added to a database; the database can then be searched with a search engine
  2. a skillet made of cast iron
  3. Any one of numerous species of arachnids comprising the order Araneina. Spiders have the mandibles converted into poison fangs, or falcers. The abdomen is large and not segmented, with two or three pairs of spinnerets near the end, by means of which they spin threads of silk to form cocoons, or nests, to protect their eggs and young. Many species spin also complex webs to entrap the insects upon which they prey. The eyes are usually eight in number ( rarely six), and are situated on the back of the cephalothorax. See Illust. under Araneina.
  4. Any one of various other arachnids resembling the true spiders, especially certain mites, as the red spider ( see under Red).
  5. An iron pan with a long handle, used as a kitchen utensil in frying food. Originally, it had long legs, and was used over coals on the hearth.
  6. A trevet to support pans or pots over a fire.
  7. A skeleton, or frame, having radiating arms or members, often connected by crosspieces; as, a casting forming the hub and spokes to which the rim of a fly wheel or large gear is bolted; the body of a piston head; a frame for strengthening a core or mold for a casting, etc.
  8. An arachnid that spins webs of silken fibers to catch its prey; a kind of frying pan.
  9. An animal remarkable for spinning webs to take its prey.
  10. An insect- like creature that makes webs to catch its prey.
  11. One of various implements, as a long handled frying- pan.
  12. An apterous insect which catches its prey in nets which it weaves for the purpose; something like a spider.
  13. A well- known insect that spins webs to ensnare its prey.