Definitions of specification

  1. naming explicitly
  2. ( patent law) a document drawn up by the applicant for a patent of invention that provides an explicit and detailed description of the nature and usse of an invention
  3. The act of specifying or determining by a mark or limit; notation of limits.
  4. The designation of particulars; particular mention; as, the specification of a charge against an officer.
  5. A written statement containing a minute description or enumeration of particulars, as of charges against a public officer, the terms of a contract, the description of an invention, as in a patent; also, a single article, item, or particular, an allegation of a specific act, as in a charge of official misconduct.
  6. In patent law, the narrative portion of a patent application, which includes descriptions of the purpose, structure and operation of the invention, as well as a discussion of any relevant prior art. Essentially, the specification must provide enough information about the invention so that a person proficient in the area of expertise involved in the invention could build and operate it without having to be overly creative.
  7. A definite and full statement of particulars; as, the specification of a charge against an officer; one detail in such a statement.
  8. Act of specifying: a statement of particulars.
  9. Act of specifying; statement of particulars.
  10. The act of specifying.
  11. A statement of particulars; a particular specified.
  12. The act of specifying; designation or statement of particulars; particular mention; an article or thing specified.