Definitions of specification

  1. a detailed description of design criteria for a piece of work
  2. naming explicitly
  3. a restriction that is insisted upon as a condition for an agreement
  4. ( patent law) a document drawn up by the applicant for a patent of invention that provides an explicit and detailed description of the nature and usse of an invention
  5. The act of specifying or determining by a mark or limit; notation of limits.
  6. The designation of particulars; particular mention; as, the specification of a charge against an officer.
  7. A written statement containing a minute description or enumeration of particulars, as of charges against a public officer, the terms of a contract, the description of an invention, as in a patent; also, a single article, item, or particular, an allegation of a specific act, as in a charge of official misconduct.
  8. In patent law, the narrative portion of a patent application, which includes descriptions of the purpose, structure and operation of the invention, as well as a discussion of any relevant prior art. Essentially, the specification must provide enough information about the invention so that a person proficient in the area of expertise involved in the invention could build and operate it without having to be overly creative.
  9. A definite and full statement of particulars; as, the specification of a charge against an officer; one detail in such a statement.
  10. Act of specifying: a statement of particulars.
  11. Act of specifying; statement of particulars.
  12. The act of specifying.
  13. A statement of particulars; a particular specified.
  14. The act of specifying; designation or statement of particulars; particular mention; an article or thing specified.

Usage examples for specification

  1. This specification of the powers and duties of the Regents was repeated with some modifications in the Act of April 8, 1851, which followed the revision of the Constitution of 1850. The Constitution itself merely stated that the Regents " shall have the general supervision of the University and the direction and control of all expenditures from the University interest fund." – The University of Michigan by Wilfred Shaw