Definitions of spark

  1. Colloquially, to court or make love to.
  2. To woo; court.
  3. To produce, or give off, sparks, as a dynamo at the commutator when revolving under the collecting brushes.
  4. To sparkle.
  5. put in motion or move to act; " trigger a reaction"; " actuate the circuits"
  6. electrical conduction through a gas in an applied electric field
  7. a momentary flash of light
  8. a small fragment of a burning substance thrown out by burning material or by friction
  9. a small but noticeable trace of some quality that might become stronger; " a spark of interest"; " a spark of decency"
  10. A small, shining body, or transient light; a sparkle.
  11. That which, like a spark, may be kindled into a flame, or into action; a feeble germ; an elementary principle.
  12. A brisk, showy, gay man.
  13. A lover; a gallant; a beau.
  14. To play the spark, beau, or lover.
  15. A tiny, burning particle thrown off by a body that is on fire; a bright, small flash of light; the first kindling of anything; as, the speech drew some sparks of enthusiasm; a small sign that indicates vitality; as, not a spark of life remained; a gay young fellow; a beau.
  16. A small particle of fire shot off from a burning body: any small shining body or light: a small portion of anything active or vivid.
  17. Flery particle thrown off from a burning body; small burning body or light; portion of anything active or vivid; a gallant.
  18. A luminous particle thrown off from a burning body.
  19. A lover; suitor.
  20. A small particle of fire or ignited substance thrown off in combustion; a small shining body or transient light; a very small portion of anything active or vivid; a very small portion; a brisk showy young fellow; a lover.
  21. A small piece of ignited matter which flies off from a body during combustion; a small portion in a state of activity; a brisk showy man; a lover.