Definitions of Spake

  1. imp. of Speak.
  2. of Speak
  3. Old pa. t. of SPEAK.
  4. Of to speak.
  5. Imp. of SPEAK, v.
  6. Old pret of Speak.
  7. Did speak, pt. of speak, but now nearly obsolete- see speak.

Usage examples for Spake

  1. Roseen bid me go out an' watch for Mike an' tell him the Masther had her locked in an' she couldn't get out to spake to him. – North, South and Over the Sea by M.E. Francis (Mrs. Francis Blundell)
  2. The sovran angel lifted high His hand, and spake out sovranly: " Tried poets, hearken and reply! – The Poetical Works of Elizabeth Barrett Browning, Vol. I by Elizabeth Barrett Browning
  3. My lady offereth you of a truth, so spake Swemmel, her love and duty. – The Nibelungenlied by Unknown
  4. " Good, O Cucuc," spake Laeg, " let us leave this ford now; too long are we here!" – The Ancient Irish Epic Tale Táin Bó Cúalnge by Unknown
  5. On this hint I spake. – The Monikins by J. Fenimore Cooper
  6. Sure it's not for an old woman to spake, Danny dear! – Killykinick by Mary T. Waggaman
  7. My mother spake not of the matter. – Mistress Margery by Emily Sarah Holt
  8. Spake to 'em by their lone silves when you've aught to say to 'em. – The Widow O'Callaghan's Boys by Gulielma Zollinger
  9. Thus she spake, but laughing he, " O, there's one at home like you." – An Anthology of Jugoslav Poetry; Serbian Lyrics by Various
  10. Whoever it was that spake to me, finished by saying, 'Fear not! – The Life and Voyages of Christopher Columbus (Vol. II) by Washington Irving
  11. Thus angrily and passing bitterly he spake, and went his way. – The Legends Of King Arthur And His Knights by James Knowles
  12. So he spake: no more; Then closed his eyes in death. – Pharsalia; Dramatic Episodes of the Civil Wars by Lucan
  13. " You are right," spake the trader, but he wondered what manner of man might he be who knows nothing and has neither eyes nor ears. – Laos Folk-Lore of Farther India by Katherine Neville Fleeson
  14. Father walked thoughtfullie Home with me, leaning on my Shoulder, and spake little. – Mary Powell & Deborah's Diary by Anne Manning
  15. Then with mortal speech the doe spake to the wounded man in such fashion as this, Alas, my sorrow, for now am I slain. – French Mediaeval Romances from the Lays of Marie de France by Marie de France
  16. Was there such a thing among the hidden powers of nature as a means by which soul spake to soul, impressing it for good or bad, unless some more subtle power was brought to bear? – By Birth a Lady by George Manville Fenn
  17. And he spake to her and made her tell him what had become of her husband, and she said to His Majesty, " I pray thee to cut down the Acacia Tree and then to destroy it." – The Literature of the Ancient Egyptians by E. A. Wallis Budge
  18. Nay, spake the youth,- and is that all? – The Poetical Works of Sir Edward Bulwer Lytton, Bart. M.P. by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  19. And that blessed Son spake my language. – My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett
  20. And he spake aloud, addressing himself to the King of England, 'My Lord King of England, you should make good cheer; you have all that you desire and ask; you have your wife, or shall have; she shall be delivered to you! – Chaucer and His England by G. G. Coulton