Usage examples for soviet

  1. It is a digest of the latest developments in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. – The Online World by Odd de Presno
  2. The online world exposed some interesting incidents that came out of the former Soviet Union before the attempted coup in 1991. Desinformation hurts everybody and comes from all sides. – The Online World by Odd de Presno
  3. And just between you and me, if I had to choose between living Soviet style and our style, I'd choose ours any day. – Combat by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  4. Apparently you're right- it's either an American or a Soviet missile. – The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe
  5. But here in the promised land it's O. K. After a short silence Char said, Hank, why do you dislike the Soviet Union so much? – Combat by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  6. The station- master looked around as if he were looking for Soviet spies. – The Fourth R by George Oliver Smith
  7. Did it ever occur to you that even though the Soviet Union might be wrong- if it is wrong- that doesn't mean that the United States is right? – Combat by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  8. The Soviet Complex with its ultimate dream of a soviet world. – Border, Breed Nor Birth by Dallas McCord Reynolds
  9. " There's going to be an awful lot of fuss in the papers, but the President is going to announce that he accepts the Soviet story. – Fifty Per Cent Prophet by Gordon Randall Garrett
  10. But, Steve, the Soviet Embassy was interested in buying the stuff! – The Flying Stingaree by Harold Leland Goodwin
  11. " There's a sort of soviet of officers; chief engineer, exec, guns- and- missiles, astrogator and so on. – Space Viking by Henry Beam Piper
  12. Our power in England is great; even so, we could hope to do no more than delay the soviet movement were we to set ourselves against it- we could never hope to stop it. – Red Masquerade by Louis Joseph Vance
  13. May not a group of subtle and skilful demagogues, acting with the manual workers' Oligarchy or the Soviet of Proletarians, contrive to prevent me and my fellows in the majority coming together? – The Adventure of Living by John St. Loe Strachey
  14. In Russia it was instantly and bitterly believed that all Soviet military secrets were now in process of being plucked from Russian brains and given to the American military. – Long Ago, Far Away by William Fitzgerald Jenkins AKA Murray Leinster
  15. And as long as his information isn't getting into Soviet hands, we're safe. – Brain Twister by Gordon Randall Garrett Laurence Mark Janifer
  16. Neither of them had talked that way, even in the old days, but the out- dated slang brought back memories- school parties, dances at the Rocketport Club, the early years of the war when Donegal had jockeyed an R- 43 fighter in the close- space assaults against the Soviet satellite project. – Death of a Spaceman by Walter M. Miller
  17. Everyone- including the Soviet Union- knew we were working on guided missiles. – The Flying Saucers are Real by Donald Keyhoe
  18. And the end result- the United States and the Soviet Union blasted to rubble, a whole hemisphere pushed back into the Dark Ages, a quarter of a billion dead. – The Answer by Henry Beam Piper
  19. Perhaps, then, you'd like to see a Soviet Government in this country? – Mr. Waddington of Wyck by May Sinclair
  20. When that negamatter meteor fell, the only thing anybody could think of was that it had been a Soviet missile. – The Answer by Henry Beam Piper