Definitions of Soldered

  1. of Solder

Usage examples for Soldered

  1. In the corner of the can near the feed- pipe another small piece of copper gauze is soldered as shown. – Boys' Book of Model Boats by Raymond Francis Yates
  2. The two ends are brought together and silver- soldered. – Boys' Book of Model Boats by Raymond Francis Yates
  3. They are then soldered in place. – Boys' Book of Model Boats by Raymond Francis Yates
  4. The " jewels" of the women are large, hoop earrings of silver or pewter, with attachments of a classical pattern, and silver neck ornaments, and a few have brass bracelets soldered upon their arms. – Unbeaten-Tracks-in-Japan by Bird, Isabella L. (Isabella Lucy)
  5. It can be soldered down without Mr. Vane. – East Lynne by Mrs. Henry Wood
  6. He placed it in a lead box, soldered up the opening, and buried the box under a tree. – With the French in France and Salonika by Richard Harding Davis
  7. So I soldered these fragments from the books together with my own native genius. – The University of Hard Knocks by Ralph Parlette
  8. On the reverse is soldered an early form of bent- wire fasteners. – American Military Insignia 1800-1851 by J. Duncan Campbell
  9. Coupeau told of a masterpiece of a weather vane made by one of his fellow workers which included a Greek column, a sheaf of wheat, a basket of fruit, and a flag, all beautifully worked out of nothing but strips of zinc shaped and soldered together. – L'Assommoir by Emile Zola
  10. Works of art were cast in one or several pieces according to circumstances; the parts were then united, soldered, and retouched with the burin. – Manual Of Egyptian Archaeology And Guide To The Study Of Antiquities In Egypt by Gaston Camille Charles Maspero
  11. After he had expired, they carried the dead body with them to the Old Temple at London; but as the earl had died excommunicated, they durst not give him christian burial in consecrated ground, and they accordingly soldered him up in lead, and hung him on a crooked tree in their orchard. – The History of the Knights Templars, the Temple Church, and the Temple by Charles G. Addison
  12. Am I to break the pedestal and take your clasp out of the leaden sheath, soldered to the back of the pedestal, which keeps Mercury steady? – The Eight Strokes of the Clock by Maurice Le Blanc
  13. Then it was heated until the gold soldered itself on. – In the Days of the Guild by Louise Lamprey
  14. It was prominent, and showed a great deal of the white, and looked as steadily, as unwinkingly, at you as if it were a steel ball soldered in her head; and when, while looking, she began to talk in an indescribably dry, monotonous tone- a tone without vibration or inflection- you felt as if a graven image of some bad spirit were addressing you. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  15. This done, the propeller is soldered to the propeller- shaft. – Boys' Book of Model Boats by Raymond Francis Yates
  16. After it is cut and bent to shape the second cylinder block is soldered in place. – Boys' Book of Model Boats by Raymond Francis Yates