Usage examples for softness

  1. But George would not listen to the softness of her voice. – The Roll-Call by Arnold Bennett
  2. There was, for the first time, a softness in her voice that stirred the man, but the uneasiness that had troubled him did not disappear. – The Greater Power by Harold Bindloss W. Herbert Dunton
  3. Half unconsciously, the former softness stole into her voice as it lingered on his name. – Pauline's Passion and Punishment by Louisa May Alcott
  4. He bent his head to hers and rested his face for a moment on the dark softness of her hair. – East of the Shadows by Mrs. Hubert Barclay
  5. The new softness, the new pride, in your voice, the buoyancy in your laughter- they have been audible to me all this evening. – The Four Feathers by A. E. W. Mason
  6. Matter- of- fact columns and figures, without a touch of softness about them. – The Lifeboat by R.M. Ballantyne
  7. Swiftcurrent has the repose but not the softness of Yosemite. – The Book of the National Parks by Robert Sterling Yard
  8. But for the beautiful softness of light in his eyes, she would have been unable to endure gazing longer. – The Call of the Canyon by Zane Grey
  9. She lowered it carefully into his hold, and he felt the cool softness of her yielding fingers; he did not meet her eyes, partly because he gave her face only one glance. – Sisters by Kathleen Norris
  10. Softness and warmth and ease and rest, and hiding, and such beauty and such luxury! – A Letter of Credit by Susan Warner
  11. I shall have no influence over these girls if I let them think I am all softness and yielding. – Girls of the Forest by L. T. Meade
  12. He preached his softness with hard decision; he praised pleasure in the words most calculated to give pain. – George Bernard Shaw by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  13. Emotional Pixie had the softness of tears in her own eyes as Stephen rejoined her, and they walked away together down the long room. – The Love Affairs of Pixie by Mrs George de Horne Vaizey
  14. The merry look died out, and in its place a gentle, tender softness rested in the bright blue eyes, and her voice was low and quiet. – Ester Ried by Pansy (aka. Isabella M. Alden)
  15. But as the minutes passed by, as every quarter of an hour added itself to the quarters that were gone, and as the hours grew on, and the weakness of evening fell upon him, all his softness came back again. – An Old Man's Love by Anthony Trollope
  16. It may be added that a motion imparted to to any back- ground where softness is desired, produces an excellent effect. – American Handbook of the Daguerrotype by Samuel D. Humphrey
  17. And then she turned into the room Her soul was cloven through with doom, Treading the softness and the gloom Of Asia's silk and Persia's wool, And China's magical perfume. – Songs and Satires by Edgar Lee Masters
  18. But she was young; and youth, the time of softness, of tenderness, of enthusiasm, and of pity, presents a surface as hard as marble to the finality of death. – Romance by Joseph Conrad and F.M. Hueffer
  19. The softness of his heart gave unwonted eloquence to his lips. – After a Shadow, and Other Stories by T. S. Arthur