Definitions of snow

  1. conceal one's true motives from esp. by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end; " He bamboozled his professors into thinking that he knew the subject well"
  2. English writer of novels about moral dilemmas in academe ( 1905- 1980)
  3. a narcotic ( alkaloid) extracted from coca leaves; used as a surface anesthetic or taken for pleasure; can become addictive
  4. fall as snow; " It was snowing all night"
  5. precipitation falling from clouds in the form of ice crystals
  6. a layer of snowflakes ( white crystals of frozen water) covering the ground
  7. street names for cocaine
  8. conceal one's true motives from especially by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end; " He bamboozled his professors into thinking that he knew the subject well"
  9. A square- rigged vessel, differing from a brig only in that she has a trysail mast close abaft the mainmast, on which a large trysail is hoisted.
  10. Watery particles congealed into white or transparent crystals or flakes in the air, and falling to the earth, exhibiting a great variety of very beautiful and perfect forms.
  11. Fig.: Something white like snow, as the white color ( argent) in heraldry; something which falls in, or as in, flakes.
  12. To fall in or as snow; -- chiefly used impersonally; as, it snows; it snowed yesterday.
  13. To scatter like snow; to cover with, or as with, snow.
  14. Frozen vapor in the form of white, feathery flakes, or crystals.
  15. To fall in frozen crystals: used impersonally; as, it snows.
  16. To pour out thickly, like falling snow; to obstruct or shut in with masses of snow: with in or up; as, the farm was snowed in for three days.
  17. A crystalline precipitation of frozen aqueous vapor.
  18. Frozen moisture which falls from the atmosphere in light, white flakes.
  19. To fall in snow.
  20. Frozen mist which falls in flakes.
  21. To scatter like snow.
  22. To cover with snow; let fall like snow.
  23. To fall as snow.
  24. Frozen vapor falling through the air; a fall of snow; a snowstorm.
  25. The watery particles in the atmosphere frozen into small white crystalline flakes and falling to the earth.
  26. A vessel equipped with two masts like a brig, and a third small mast abaft the mainmast, carrying a trysail.
  27. The congealed moisture or vapour of the atmosphere, in the form of light white flakes, of very beautiful and perfect forms.
  28. To fall in snow; to scatter like snow.

Quotes of snow

  1. Snow is so common that I have omitted to note its falling at least two days out of Three. – William Henry Ashley
  2. An actor is a sculptor who carves in snow – Lawrence Barrett
  3. An aged Christian, with the snow of time upon his head, may remind us that those points of earth are whitest which are nearest to heaven. – Edwin Hubbel Chapin
  4. Advice is like snow the softer it falls, the longer it dwells upon, and the deeper in sinks into the mind. – Samuel Taylor Coleridge
  5. When it comes time to sit down and write the next book, you're deathly afraid that you're not up to the task. That was certainly the case with me after Snow Falling on Cedars. – David Guterson
  6. Blondes make the best victims. They're like virgin snow that shows up the bloody footprints. – Alfred Hitchcock
  7. You are ice and fire the touch of you burns my hands like snow – Amy Lowell
  8. It's a pity one can't imagine what one can't compare to anything. Genius is an African who dreams up snow – Vladimir Nabokov
  9. This morning of the small snow I count the blessings, the leak in the faucet which makes of the sink time, the drop of the water on water. – Charles Olson
  10. The first fall of snow is not only an event, it is a magical event. You go to bed in one kind of a world and wake up in another quite different, and if this is not enchantment then where is it to be found? – J. B. Priestley
  11. Sunshine is delicious, rain is refreshing, wind braces us up, snow is exhilarating; there is really no such thing as bad weather, only different kinds of good weather. – John Ruskin
  12. We took a straight course up the great snow ridge. – Hudson Stuck
  13. As for the historical inspirations I drew on in writing The Snow Queen, I suppose I would call them more cross -cultural inspirations, though they frequently involve past societies as well as present day ones. – Joan D. Vinge
  14. I used to be Snow White, but I drifted. – Mae West

Usage examples for snow

  1. " Well, my friend," asked she, " where is your snow – Stories of Birds by Lenore Elizabeth Mulets
  2. And he knew that as she looked out over the snow she would be smiling. – The Short Cut by Jackson Gregory
  3. It's very cold to- day, and soon it will be winter, with lots of snow and ice! – Daddy Takes Us Skating by Howard R. Garis
  4. Besides, inside you're snow white. – Ronicky Doone by Max Brand
  5. Master Godolphin is as cold by now as the snow on which I left him. – The Sea-Hawk by Raphael Sabatini
  6. Perhaps it was the making herself so cold that did it, but she found herself in the midst of snow snow snow – Little Lucy's Wonderful Globe by Charlotte M. Yonge
  7. Snow had fallen for some hours. – The Home Mission by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English
  8. Man- of- the- Snow Hill must show us the way. – In the Brooding Wild by Ridgwell Cullum
  9. I was too frightened after that to mind the snow I was almost too frightened to ride. – Jim Davis by John Masefield
  10. A little to one side of the path something showed snow like on the ground, and he went toward it. – The Valiants of Virginia by Hallie Erminie Rives
  11. It made him uneasy to think it might snow and he said he had better leave that night. – Look Back on Happiness by Knut Hamsun
  12. Our Lady of the Snow – Legends of the Madonna by Mrs. Jameson
  13. There was one day, though"- " Here comes your father," said Mrs. Snow – Deephaven and Selected Stories & Sketches by Sarah Orne Jewett
  14. " Snow use" he replied. – A Dear Little Girl at School by Amy E. Blanchard
  15. " I should have asked you, Mrs. Snow said Miss Rose. – Clematis by Bertha B. Cobb Ernest Cobb
  16. Having failed to discover a trail on the snow field, they were at a loss to account for the evidence discovered by Sun Bird. – White Otter by Elmer Russell Gregor
  17. I must look at the snow a little more. – The Green Satin Gown by Laura E. Richards
  18. Scarcely had they taken it out when Snow white came to herself, and told them what had happened. – Household Tales by Brothers Grimm by Grimm Brothers
  19. And the snow fell, washing the blood away. – The Legend of the Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel in the land of Flanders and elsewhere by Charles de Coster
  20. As we approached the snow we suffered much at night from cold in our little tent. – Life and Work in Benares and Kumaon, 1839-1877 by James Kennedy

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