Definitions of snow

  1. To pour out thickly, like falling snow; to obstruct or shut in with masses of snow: with in or up; as, the farm was snowed in for three days.
  2. To fall in frozen crystals: used impersonally; as, it snows.
  3. To fall in snow.
  4. conceal one's true motives from esp. by elaborately feigning good intentions so as to gain an end; " He bamboozled his professors into thinking that he knew the subject well"
  5. street names for cocaine
  6. A square- rigged vessel, differing from a brig only in that she has a trysail mast close abaft the mainmast, on which a large trysail is hoisted.
  7. Watery particles congealed into white or transparent crystals or flakes in the air, and falling to the earth, exhibiting a great variety of very beautiful and perfect forms.
  8. Fig.: Something white like snow, as the white color ( argent) in heraldry; something which falls in, or as in, flakes.
  9. To fall in or as snow; -- chiefly used impersonally; as, it snows; it snowed yesterday.
  10. To scatter like snow; to cover with, or as with, snow.
  11. To fall as snow.
  12. To fall in snow; to scatter like snow.
  13. English writer of novels about moral dilemmas in academe ( 1905- 1980)
  14. a layer of snowflakes ( white crystals of frozen water) covering the ground
  15. Frozen vapor in the form of white, feathery flakes, or crystals.
  16. Frozen moisture which falls from the atmosphere in light, white flakes.
  17. Frozen mist which falls in flakes.
  18. Frozen vapor falling through the air; a fall of snow; a snowstorm.
  19. The watery particles in the atmosphere frozen into small white crystalline flakes and falling to the earth.
  20. A vessel equipped with two masts like a brig, and a third small mast abaft the mainmast, carrying a trysail.
  21. The congealed moisture or vapour of the atmosphere, in the form of light white flakes, of very beautiful and perfect forms.