Definitions of sling

  1. a simple weapon consisting of a looped strap in which a projectile is whirled and then released
  2. a highball with liquor and water with sugar and lemon or lime juice
  3. An instrument for throwing stones or other missiles, consisting of a short strap with two strings fastened to its ends, or with a string fastened to one end and a light stick to the other. The missile being lodged in a hole in the strap, the ends of the string are taken in the hand, and the whole whirled rapidly round until, by loosing one end, the missile is let fly with centrifugal force.
  4. The act or motion of hurling as with a sling; a throw; figuratively, a stroke.
  5. A contrivance for sustaining anything by suspension
  6. A kind of hanging bandage put around the neck, in which a wounded arm or hand is supported.
  7. A loop of rope, or a rope or chain with hooks, for suspending a barrel, bale, or other heavy object, in hoisting or lowering.
  8. A strap attached to a firearm, for suspending it from the shoulder.
  9. To throw with a sling.
  10. To throw; to hurl; to cast.
  11. To pass a rope round, as a cask, gun, etc., preparatory to attaching a hoisting or lowering tackle.
  12. A band of rope or iron for securing a yard to a mast; - chiefly in the plural.
  13. To hurl with, or as with, an instrument for throwing; cast; fling; hang so as to swing; hang or suspend by a rope or tackle.
  14. To throw with a sling: to hang so as to swing: to move or swing by means of a rope: to cast:- pa. t. and pa. p. slung.
  15. To throw with a sling; hang.
  16. To fling from a sling; hurl.
  17. To hang up, as in a sling.
  18. To throw with a sling; to throw; to hurl; to hang so as to swing; to swing by a rope which suspends the thing.
  19. To throw; to cast; to hurl; to hang by a rope so as to be moved.
  20. Slinging.
  21. SLINGSTONES ( B.) stones thrown from a sling.
  22. bandage to support an injured forearm; consisting of a wide triangular piece of cloth hanging from around the neck
  23. liquor and water with sugar and lemon or lime juice
  24. A drink composed of spirit ( usually gin) and water sweetened.
  25. The act of hurling or flinging; an instrument for throwing stones; a throw; a device to suspend something, as a shoulder strap for a camera, etc.; the hanging bandage for an injured arm.
  26. Slinger.
  27. An instrument consisting of a strap and two cords, for throwing stones to a great distance, by whirling it rapidly round: a throw: a hanging bandage for a wounded limb: a rope with hooks, used in hoisting and lowering weights.
  28. A thong or cord for throwing stones; throw; bandage for suspending a limb; rope used in hoisting.
  29. A strap with a string at each end, for hurling a stone or other missile; a sudden throw.
  30. A device for suspending or hoisting something.
  31. An instrument for throwing stones, consisting of a strap and two strings; a throw; a hanging bandage for a wounded arm; a rope or band by which anything is suspended and swung out or in.
  32. A drink of equal parts of rum, gin, or spirit and water sweetened.
  33. An instr. for throwing stones, consisting of a short strap to each end of which a string is fastened; something suspended from the neck or breast to support a wounded arm; a rope by which a cask or bale is swung in or out of a ship.
  34. Slung.