Usage examples for sleek

  1. How warmly the sun glistened on our sleek coats! – Explorers of the Dawn by Mazo de la Roche
  2. Men, horses and mules were growing fat, sleek and handsome. – Campaign of Battery D, First Rhode Island light artillery. by Ezra Knight Parker
  3. He was a large, heavy, pale- faced young man, with strange, sleek qualities that appealed to her through their unaccustomedness. – Joanna Godden by Sheila Kaye-Smith
  4. He'd good clothes on his back, and he was sleek and well fed and prosperous looking. – Between You and Me by Sir Harry Lauder
  5. You'd think it would need an effort to change into a fine lady all at once, but it doesn't; you just slip in, and feel like a sleek, stroked cat. – The Love Affairs of Pixie by Mrs George de Horne Vaizey
  6. Everywhere were fields of dark green wheat, already beginning to glimmer with the gold of harvest; everywhere were herds of sleek cattle sighing and blowing contentedly in the cool evening air. – The Cow Puncher by Robert J. C. Stead
  7. But even at that the grass is so sleek that the footing's as treacherous as a polished ball room floor. – Interference and Other Football Stories by Harold M. Sherman
  8. He got up, however, and rubbed his sleek head against Michael's knee as he sat down in the black elbow- chair; but Mr. O'Brien still stood on the rug, shaking his head sadly. – Lover or Friend by Rosa Nouchette Carey
  9. But this time the outbreak was only a noisy welcome; and Malcourt, on excellent terms with himself, patted every sleek, wet head thrust up for caresses and walked gaily on through the driving rain. – The Firing Line by Robert W. Chambers
  10. It was sleek and fast, as light planes go, but it was far from a fighter. – A Yankee Flier in Italy by Rutherford G. Montgomery
  11. Tussie at this time became unable to see a sleek servant dart to help him take off his coat without saying something sharp to him, could not sit through a meal without making bitter comparisons between what they were eating and what the poor were probably eating, could not walk up his spacious staircase and along his lofty corridors without scowling; they, indeed, roused his contemptuous wrath in quite a special degree, the reason being that Priscilla's stairs, the stairs up and down which her little feet would have to clamber daily, were like a ladder, and she possessed no passages at all. – The Princess Priscilla's Fortnight by Elizabeth von Arnim
  12. To us, Thomas only looks like an ordinary, sleek, well- fed, tabby cat. – More Tales in the Land of Nursery Rhyme by Ada M. Marzials
  13. Her sleek little head and round brown eyes gave her the look of a baby seal. – Wild Justice: Stories of the South Seas by Lloyd Osbourne
  14. His voice was soft and sleek. – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various
  15. A pale, three- cornered morsel of a face set off by sleek hair as black as her little French boots. – The Disturbing Charm by Berta Ruck
  16. The gleam of the sleek, smooth water flowing past his feet made him giddy. – The Slave Of The Lamp by Henry Seton Merriman
  17. The sleek black head of Culvera swung quickly round till his black eyes met the blue ones of Yeager. – Steve Yeager by William MacLeod Raine
  18. Everything seemed to be in its appointed place, even to the sleek cat sleeping on the hearth. – Home-Life of the Lancashire Factory Folk during the Cotton Famine by Edwin Waugh