Usage examples for skit

  1. 8.- Anonymous Article, in the Birmingham Town Crier of November, 1877; a skit upon Mr. Collis's foolish speech. – Shakespeare's Bones by C. M. Ingleby
  2. That little skit of yours, pursued the caller, has swept the country. – O. Henry Memorial Award Prize Stories of 1921 by Various
  3. R. has also the distinction of evoking the genius of Fielding, whose first novel, Joseph Andrews, was begun as a skit or parody upon Pamela. – A Short Biographical Dictionary of English Literature by John W. Cousin
  4. The publication of this skit drew from a wrathful professional an indignant letter, in which he declared that insomuch as he was the one and only exponent of the equilibristic art who could balance a lighted lamp upon his head, the picture which illustrated this piece of " business" must be intended as a portrait of himself, though he considered it very badly done, and a libellous production. – Frank Reynolds, R.I. by A.E. Johnson