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Quotes of situated

  1. In order for the artist to have a world to express he must first be situated in this world, oppressed or oppressing, resigned or rebellious, a man among men. – Charles Baudelaire
  2. In this time the enemy began to undermine our fort, which was situated sixty yards from Kentucky River. – Daniel Boone
  3. Because the series is situated in the next century, and for the most part under water, there are many innovative technical gadgets. It's a kind of StarTrek. When I first came there, I was really impressed myself. – Jonathan Brandis
  4. This city has many public squares, in which are situated the markets and other places for buying and selling. – Hernando Cortes
  5. The truly privileged theories are not the ones referring to any particular scale of size or complexity, nor the ones situated at any particular level of the predictive hierarchy, but the ones that contain the deepest explanations. – David Deutsch
  6. When we criticize in Iran the actions of the government, the fundamentalists say that we and the Bush Administration are in the same camp. The funny thing is that human rights activists and Mr. Bush can never be situated in the same group. – Shirin Ebadi
  7. But the universe, as a collection of finite things, presents itself as a kind of island situated in a pure vacuity to which time, regarded as a series of mutually exclusive moments, is nothing and does nothing. – Muhammed Iqbal
  8. Teapot Dome involved the conservation of the oil resources of the United States, especially those situated upon the public lands. – George William Norris
  9. The village had a mill near it, situated on the little creek, which made very good flour. The population consisted of civilized Indians, but much mixed blood. – Zebulon Pike
  10. In a sense, each of us is an island. In another sense, however, we are all one. For though islands appear separate, and may even be situated at great distances from one another, they are only extrusions of the same planet, Earth. – J. Donald Walters
  11. At any rate, girls are differently situated Having no need of deep scientific knowledge, their education is confined more to the ordinary things of the world, the study of the fine arts, and of the manners and dispositions of people. – William John Wills

Usage examples for situated

  1. What could this unknown body be, and where must it be situated – The Story of the Heavens by Robert Stawell Ball
  2. He had satisfied himself that she was lodging with respectable people, and was as comfortably situated as circumstances would permit. – Man and Wife by Wilkie Collins
  3. The public rooms are the news room, boot room, in which the bar is situated and the dining room. – The History of Louisville, from the Earliest Settlement till the Year 1852 by Ben Casseday
  4. It was four days since the funeral; it had now passed into the background of their thoughts, and they concerned themselves very little further with the will of old Madam Melcombe; for it must not be supposed that they knew much about her- not half as much, in fact, as every man, woman, and child knew round about the place where her house was situated – Fated to Be Free by Jean Ingelow
  5. When the emperor was situated in the camp tents, he sent word to Lord Malvei, asking him to come talk with him. – The White Knight: Tirant lo Blanc by Joanot Martorell and Marti Johan d'Galba
  6. And yet, after all, situated as you are, it is a catch- that is, if he has anything but his pay; but of course he hasn't. – The Pillars of the House, V1 by Charlotte M. Yonge
  7. They were walking slowly along a little winding path that led to the orchard, which was situated at some little distance from the house. – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  8. They were awkwardly situated – Hodge and His Masters by Richard Jefferies
  9. The tool- post is situated central in the hub. – Modern Machine-Shop Practice, Volumes I and II by Joshua Rose
  10. The city is situated in and above the valley of the Itchen, mainly on the left bank. – The Towns of Roman Britain by James Oliver Bevan
  11. The latter is situated in the centre of the town, at the back of the governor's palace. – The Story of Malta by Maturin M. Ballou
  12. They landed between the Custom- house and the Viceroy's palace, passed through to the large square behind it, and then went up the Strada Diretta, or Straight Street, which led up to the Church of Pity, near to which the convent is situated – The Phantom Ship by Captain Frederick Marryat
  13. " You know yourself how you are situated – Hilda Wade A Woman With Tenacity Of Purpose by Grant Allen
  14. Still, from what I know of Mavy and how he's situated I'm a little astonished that you were able to arrange it." – A Prairie Courtship by Harold Bindloss
  15. He went- this was only natural- to the house where Mr. Mills's flat was situated and inquired of the porter whether his partner had yet returned. – The Blotting Book by E. F. Benson
  16. Here they found the Spanish camp situated on a little ridge below them. – Our War with Spain for Cuba's Freedom by Trumbull White
  17. But evidently it was entirely different in aspect, and was situated in a warmer climate. – The Dawn of Canadian History: A Chronicle of Aboriginal Canada by Stephen Leacock
  18. St. John's is situated on the East Terrace at a greater distance, but it has a commanding view of the Mount Lofty Range, and the intervening plains. – Expedition into Central Australia by Charles Sturt
  19. This year the two little girls, Trudel and Lottchen, and their mother were going to stay at a farm, which was situated high up in the midst of the most lovely woods. – Fairy Tales from the German Forests by Margaret Arndt
  20. The song apparently came from the same building in which his suite of rooms were situated and from an open window some distance below him. – Revenge! by by Robert Barr