Quotes of silk

  1. Once a guy starts wearing silk pajamas it's hard to get up early. – Eddie Arcaro
  2. My mother was right: When you've got nothing left, all you can do is get into silk underwear and start reading Proust. – Jane Birkin
  3. God, for example, appealed to me as a beardless man wearing a quilted silk cap; holiness was something burning, forbidding, something connected with fire while a day had the form of an oblong box. – Abraham Cahan
  4. Richard was in heavy, heavy costume, he could hardly sit, you know, and I turned up and they put me in two layers of silk so I played him much lighter- you know, floating around in a pair of slippers, a bit of a hippy. – Michael Gambon
  5. And you prate of the wealth of nations, as if it were bought and sold, The wealth of nations is men, not silk and cotton and gold. – Richard Hovey
  6. I don't like silk underwear. They don't do the job, you know? – Matt LeBlanc
  7. One disadvantage of being a hog is that at any moment some blundering fool may try to make a silk purse out of your wife's ear. – J. B. Morton
  8. Silk Road to Ruin has all the analysis and it's structured very well. I rely on my notes more and I use direct quotes. But there's nothing like writing about it right away. – Ted Rall
  9. You cannot make a revolution with silk gloves. – Joseph Stalin
  10. So I wanted to show what I did with the money. So I got red silk shirts, beautiful hats, wonderful saddles, a great horse, and two gold teeth. So that was the way I did it. – Eli Wallach
  11. We all have a childhood dream that when there is love, everything goes like silk but the reality is that marriage requires a lot of compromise. – Raquel Welch

Usage examples for silk

  1. The silk hat is an article of recent introduction. – Walking-Stick Papers by Robert Cortes Holliday
  2. She arranged the black silk handkerchief on her head, and set her dress in order. – The Isle of Unrest by Henry Seton Merriman
  3. Indeed, now I come to think of it, that silk umbrella itself was not mine. – Pebbles on the Shore by Alpha of the Plough (Alfred George Gardiner)
  4. So Louise took off her pretty frock, and Patty sat in her blue silk dressing gown while the maid brushed her hair. – Patty's Suitors by Carolyn Wells
  5. She had the most delicate touch in the world, like a faint feel of silk – The Trespasser by D.H. Lawrence
  6. But, truly, she looked different when she drew near the altar with her Hartmut, in the simple white silk dress and the dainty veil. – The Sign of Flame by E. Werner
  7. I have on my little grey silk to- day, and it looks so nice. – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  8. It is the same for feeling the silk of other skin. – Corpus of a Siam Mosquito by Steven Sills
  9. How is the silk farm doing? – The Outcaste by F. E. Penny
  10. Somebody of the French army in the German language and of course they was only one answer to that and you see the way it was Al all the time Smith was pretending to learn us French he was learning us German and Lee put him up to it but when the Colonel asked me what I meant by doing such a thing as talk German why of course I knew in a minute that they had been trying to kid me but at first I told the Colonel I couldn't of said no German because I don't know no more German than Silk O'Loughlin. – The Real Dope by Ring Lardner
  11. Judith rose, too, letting the white silk fall in a heap on the floor. – Throckmorton by Molly Elliot Seawell
  12. No. 2. " I pack my grandfather's trunk with a pair of spectacles and a silk hat." – Entertainments for Home, Church and School by Frederica Seeger
  13. That red silk will do. – The Keeper of the Door by Ethel M. Dell
  14. Here was music based on simple, natural sounds, the sounds of birds and air, the subtle sounds of silk – Melomaniacs by James Huneker
  15. His silk pajamalike clothing rustled loud in the strained silence as he turned to the screen behind him. – The Affair of the Brains by Anthony Gilmore
  16. Carvel had put up his small silk tent, and had built a fire. – Baree, Son of Kazan by James Oliver Curwood
  17. Percy Pearl's hand moved as smoothly as a bit of rustling silk – The Lost Wagon by James Arthur Kjelgaard
  18. There ain't a silk stockin' in the district who ain't proud to be seen talkin' with George Washington Plunkitt, and maybe they learn a thing or two from their talks with me. – Plunkitt of Tammany Hall by George Washington Plunkitt
  19. Thanks, no more will we; will we, Silk – The Willoughby Captains by Talbot Baines Reed
  20. Raising his silk mask the one beside the driver shouted at Judge Van Vorst. – The Boy Scout and Other Stories for Boys by Richard Harding Davis

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