Definitions of silence

  1. cause to be quiet or not talk; " Please silence the children in the church!"
  2. a refusal to speak when expected; " his silence about my contribution was surprising"
  3. the absence of sound; " he needed silence in order to sleep"; " the street was quiet"
  4. the trait of keeping things secret
  5. keep from expression, for example by threats or pressure; " All dissenters were silenced when the dictator assumed power"
  6. the state of being silent ( as when no one is speaking); " there was a shocked silence"; " he gestured for silence"
  7. The state of being silent; entire absence of sound or noise; absolute stillness.
  8. Forbearance from, or absence of, speech; taciturnity; muteness.
  9. Secrecy; as, these things were transacted in silence.
  10. The cessation of rage, agitation, or tumilt; calmness; quiest; as, the elements were reduced to silence.
  11. Absence of mention; oblivion.
  12. To compel to silence; to cause to be still; to still; to hush.
  13. To put to rest; to quiet.
  14. To restrain from the exercise of any function, privilege of instruction, or the like, especially from the act of preaching; as, to silence a minister of the gospel.
  15. To cause to cease firing, as by a vigorous cannonade; as, to silence the batteries of an enemy.
  16. Be silent; - used elliptically for let there be silence, or keep silence.
  17. Be silent!.
  18. The state of being still or mute; absence of sound or noise; stillness; forbearance from, or absence of, mention.
  19. To cause to be still; to quiet; to take permission to speak away from; cause to cease firing, as hostile guns.
  20. State of being silent: absence of sound or speech: muteness: cessation of agitation: calmness: oblivion.
  21. To cause to be silent: to put to rest: to stop.
  22. Stillness; quiet; absence of sound or speech.
  23. To make silent.
  24. To render silent.
  25. The state of being silent; a keeping still and mute.
  26. Secrecy.
  27. Stillness or the entire absence of sound; forbearance of speech or noise; habitual taciturnity; secrecy; quiet; absence of mention; oblivion.
  28. To restrain from noise or speaking; to still; to quiet; to cause to cease firing; to stop; to restrain from preaching; to put an end to.
  29. Entire absence of sound or noise; temporary cessation of speech in man; stillness; quiet.
  30. To restrain from noise or speaking; to still; to appease; to stop; to put an end to.
  31. Let there be no speech or noise.

Usage examples for silence

  1. Seiler met me at his door, and followed in silence to my room. – The Ascent of the Matterhorn by Edward Whymper
  2. Then silence fell again upon the moor. – A Little Wizard by Stanley J. Weyman
  3. After a long silence she said slowly: " I want to ask you a question." – The Gadfly by E. L. Voynich
  4. " I'll tell you what it is, Ambler," he went on, after a moment's silence – The Rayner-Slade Amalgamation by J. S. Fletcher
  5. Judith's sister could keep her silence no more. – The Bent Twig by Dorothy Canfield
  6. There was a silence for a time. – The Bat by Avery Hopwood Mary Roberts Rinehart
  7. He came on in silence – The Last Hope by Henry Seton Merriman
  8. His silence of course, did not last long. – All Around the Moon by Jules Verne
  9. Upon hearing this the chiefs sat for a time in gloomy silence – The Story of Troy by Michael Clarke
  10. It was the man who broke the silence first. – Little Eve Edgarton by Eleanor Hallowell Abbott
  11. She heard it out in silence as always. – The Furnace by Rose Macaulay
  12. And Nobili heard this in silence – The Italians by Frances Elliot
  13. What could she think of his long silence – The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper
  14. Porter said nothing and there was a long silence – The Short Line War by Merwin-Webster
  15. He waited in silence to hear the rest. – The Dop Doctor by Clotilde Inez Mary Graves
  16. Here Jimmy found that there was no need for silence – Death Points a Finger by Will Levinrew
  17. She waited in silence – The Splendid Folly by Margaret Pedler
  18. Rufus looked at Winthrop's book for three minutes in silence – Hills of the Shatemuc by Susan Warner
  19. At first there was silence – New Faces by Myra Kelly