Definitions of shed

  1. To let fall its part.
  2. To throw off; turn off, as rain; cast off; molt.
  3. To cause to flow out, as tears or blood; emit.
  4. To separate; to divide.
  5. To part with; to throw off or give forth from one's self; to emit; to diffuse; to cause to emanate or flow; to pour forth or out; to spill; as, the sun sheds light; she shed tears; the clouds shed rain.
  6. To let fall; to throw off, as a natural covering of hair, feathers, shell; to cast; as, fowls shed their feathers; serpents shed their skins; trees shed leaves.
  7. To cause to flow off without penetrating; as, a tight roof, or covering of oiled cloth, sheeds water.
  8. To sprinkle; to intersperse; to cover.
  9. To divide, as the warp threads, so as to form a shed, or passageway, for the shuttle.
  10. To pour out; cause to flow off without sinking in; as, oilskins shed water; to throw off; as, birds shed their feathers; to let fall; as, trees shed leaves.
  11. To scatter: to throw out: to pour: to spill.
  12. To part, separate.
  13. To fall in drops; to pour.
  14. To let fall the parts, as seeds or fruit; to throw off a covering or envelope.
  15. To let fall or throw off, as seed, hair, etc.
  16. To let fall:- pr. p. shedding; pa. t. and pa. p. shed.
  17. cause or allow ( a solid substance) to flow or run out or over; " spill the beans all over the table"
  18. pour out in drops or small quantities or as if in drops or small quantities; " shed tears"; " spill blood"; " God shed His grace on Thee"
  19. shed at an early stage of development; " most amphibians have caducous gills"; " the caducous calyx of a poppy"
  20. To pour or suffer to flow out; to cast off; to emit; to diffuse.
  21. To spill; to let fall; to scatter; to diffuse; to throw off, as a natural covering.
  22. Shedding.
  23. A covered structure for housing aircraft; a hangar.
  24. A slight or temporary structure built to shade or shelter something; a structure usually open in front; an outbuilding; a hut; as, a wagon shed; a wood shed.
  25. A parting; a separation; a division.
  26. The passageway between the threads of the warp through which the shuttle is thrown, having a sloping top and bottom made by raising and lowering the alternate threads.
  27. The act of shedding or spilling; - used only in composition, as in bloodshed.
  28. That which parts, divides, or sheds; - used in composition, as in watershed.
  29. SHEDDER.
  30. That which shades: a slight erection, usually of wood, for shade or shelter: an outhouse: a hut: a dividing line, as a water- shed, in geography.
  31. A slight building; out house.
  32. A small low building; cabin; hut.
  33. A slight building; a hovel; effusion, as in bloodshed.
  34. A temporary building of wood for shade or shelter; a hut; a penthouse or shelter of boards.
  35. of Shed
  36. Shed.