Definitions of shackle

  1. To tie or confine the limbs of, so as to prevent free motion; to bind with shackles; to fetter; to chain.
  2. Figuratively: To bind or confine so as to prevent or embarrass action; to impede; to cumber.
  3. To join by a link or chain, as railroad cars.
  4. To fetter: to tie the limbs of: to confine.
  5. To tie or confine so as to prevent free action; to fetter; embarrass or hinder; fasten with a strap, chain, etc.
  6. To chain; to fetter; to confine so as to prevent or embarrass motion; to link.
  7. To fetter; to bind.
  8. a restraint that confines or restricts freedom ( especially something used to tie down or restrain a prisoner)
  9. a U- shaped bar; the open end can be passed through chain links and closed with a bar
  10. Stubble.
  11. Something which confines the legs or arms so as to prevent their free motion; specifically, a ring or band inclosing the ankle or wrist, and fastened to a similar shackle on the other leg or arm, or to something else, by a chain or a strap; a gyve; a fetter.
  12. Hence, that which checks or prevents free action.
  13. A fetterlike band worn as an ornament.
  14. A link or loop, as in a chain, fitted with a movable bolt, so that the parts can be separated, or the loop removed; a clevis.
  15. The hinged and curved bar of a padlock, by which it is hung to the staple.
  16. A link for connecting railroad cars; - called also drawlink, draglink, etc.
  17. Anything that prevents free action, as a strap or chain; a fetter; a handcuff.
  18. Open link closed with a bolt.
  19. A fastening.
  20. Anything which confines or hinders the free use of the limbs, as fetters, chains, or handcuffs,- usually in the plu.; that which obstructs or embarrasses free action.