Definitions of session

  1. the time during which a school holds classes; " they had to shorten the school term"
  2. a meeting of spiritualists; " the seance was held in the medium's parlor"
  3. a meeting devoted to a particular activity; " a filming session"; " a gossip session"
  4. a meeting for execution of a group's functions; " it was the opening session of the legislature"
  5. The act of sitting, or the state of being seated.
  6. The actual sitting of a court, council, legislature, etc., or the actual assembly of the members of such a body, for the transaction of business.
  7. Hence, also, the time, period, or term during which a court, council, legislature, etc., meets daily for business; or, the space of time between the first meeting and the prorogation or adjournment; thus, a session of Parliaments is opened with a speech from the throne, and closed by prorogation. The session of a judicial court is called a term.
  8. The time during which any school, court, council, or lawmaking body holds its sittings; the sitting of such a body.
  9. The sitting or assembly of a court or public body: the time it sits: the period of time between the meeting and adjournment of Congress: ( Scotland) the lowest ecclesiastical court of a Presbyterian church.
  10. Meeting of a public body, or the time it sits.
  11. A sitting or meeting of an organized body, or the time during which it remains sitting.
  12. A sitting; the actual sitting or assembling of a court, council, or legislative body; the time or term of a sitting; the time between the first meeting and the prorogation of Parliament, The Court of Session, the supreme civil court of Scotland. Kirk Session, the lowest judicial court of the Presbyterian Church. Quarter Sessions, magisterial courts held in England for the trial of minor felonies and misdemeanours.
  13. The actual sitting of a court, council, legislature, & c., for the transaction of business; the actual time during which they sit or meet, with only short adjournments; in Eng., the period of time between the first meeting of Parliament and its prorogation; in Scot., the lowest ecclesiastical court of a Presbyterian Church.

Quotes of session

  1. I still like to keep tapes of the few minutes before the final take, things that happen before the session Maybe it's superstitious, but I believe if I had done things differently- if I had walked around the studio or gone out- it wouldn't have turned out that way. – Ray Davies
  2. When working with an orchestra, you never spend more than 20 minutes per recording session – Placido Domingo
  3. There were speeches made in Congress in the very last session before the outbreak of the Rebellion, so ferocious as to show that their authors were under the influence of a real frenzy. – Edward Everett
  4. We knew we did not want to record at Impulse Studios again, after the experience of recording in a 'real' studio in London for the Radio One session we did. – John Gallagher
  5. I began hearing rumors of apossible recording session with Neil Young. I was a huge fan of Neil's. – Jack Irons
  6. From reading over the notes for each session it was apparent that there had been improvement by more or less regular steps from almost complete terror at sight of the rabbit to a completely positive response with no signs of disturbance. – Mary C. Jones
  7. My strangest media moment a photo session they all had dressed up like 50 gangsters. That was pretty cool. We have to get some more of those kind of photos sometimes. – Kerry King
  8. When I was playing I felt tired all the time. My recovery period was a lot longer than the other players. They'd be ok after an hour- I'd have to stay in bed till the next session – Jonah Lomu
  9. During the session of the Supreme Court, in the village of-, about three weeks ago, when a number of people were collected in the principal street of the village, I observed a young man riding up and down the street, as I supposed, in a violent passion. – Augustus Baldwin Longstreet
  10. You have to be very brave in that first writing session – Barry Mann
  11. The format of the race weekend is also very well thought out. We have enough practice time to get the cars well set -up and have a proper qualifying session where we can do as many laps as we like, which is great for the drivers and spectators. – Nigel Mansell
  12. The average session takes about one to two hours. It's totally amazing because when a person breathes, they go through one stage of relaxation after another, and every stage releases tension. – Leonard Orr
  13. In the past, I tried to be more of a typical session guitarist. I wasn't so concerned with impressing anybody. – Brad Paisley
  14. I actually think I'm more of a turtle than Verne is. Where Verne is up on two legs and moving at full speed and doesn't pull his head into the shell very often, I in reality was five or ten minutes later to every recording session – Garry Shandling
  15. I trust, that your readers will not construe my words to mean, that I would not have gone to a 3 o'clock in the morning session for the sake of defeating the Nebraska bill. – Gerrit Smith

Usage examples for session

  1. " This is merry war," gasped Wallbridge, at the close of the last session – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  2. " Better come to this afternoon's session of the case," he said. – Emerson's Wife and Other Western Stories Emerson's Wife -- Colonel Kate's Protégée -- The Kid of Apache Teju -- A Blaze on Pard Huff -- How Colonel Kate Won Her Spurs -- Hollyhocks -- The Rise, Fall, and Redemption of Johnson Sides -- A Piece of Wreckag by Florence Finch Kelly
  3. In those far- off days it was considered becoming on the part of a young member of the House to observe a modest silence for a great part of his first session and to make himself familiar with the assembly before he ventured on any public display of his eloquence. – A History of the Four Georges and of William IV, Volume IV (of 4) by Justin McCarthy and Justin Huntly McCarthy
  4. So they agreed upon that and Khalbas entered and sat in the session whilst the lover was assured in his heart that the secret was safe and secure with him, wherefore he rejoiced and was content to pay the two dirhams. – Supplemental Nights, Volume 1 by Richard F. Burton
  5. Passing the headquarters building where they had been in session during the morning, they were surprised to see Lieutenant Riggs standing alone at the doorway and gazing anxiously down the street. – Campaigning with Crook and Stories of Army Life by Charles King
  6. It may then lie over and be taken up and passed at the next session – Complete State of the Union Addresses from 1790 to the Present by Various
  7. Will you give me a session with the board?" – The Come Back by Carolyn Wells
  8. We had been laying up a stock of health, by such manly exercises for the coming session – Hansford: A Tale of Bacon's Rebellion by St. George Tucker
  9. So bad did business conditions become that the President called Congress to meet in special session in August to remedy matters. – A Brief History of the United States by John Bach McMaster
  10. Members of Parliament could not be arrested while Parliament was in session – Our Legal Heritage, 4th Ed. by S. A. Reilly
  11. The session was interesting. – The Come Back by Carolyn Wells
  12. " Since this is our last session with you, we hope some fresh proposals have occurred to your honorable council during your absence," hummed the speaker through Powers' skull. – Join Our Gang? by Sterling E. Lanier
  13. I take it, he has never been absent from a session for twenty years; for, if sick before, he is certain to get well in time for business, spite of his physician. – Guy Rivers: A Tale of Georgia by William Gilmore Simms
  14. Winfree obediently placed his feet at right angles, raised his foil, and " sat down," assuming the bent- leg position and feeling his leg- muscles, still sore from his last session with MacHenery, begin to complain. – The Great Potlatch Riots by Allen Kim Lang
  15. Of course you know that your mother was my only child, and an heiress; but you are ignorant probably of the fact that when she returned to boarding school for the last session she was engaged in marriage to the son of my best friend- a man in every respect desirable, and thoroughly acceptable to me." – At the Mercy of Tiberius by August Evans Wilson
  16. The session will go on, every one says, till quite the end of September. – Marcella by Mrs. Humphry Ward
  17. I shall ask you to be seated, madam, for a few moments while I conduct these young ladies to the board, which is now in session – Mary Louise and Josie O'Gorman by Emma Speed Sampson
  18. He was a lord of session and had taken his title from the place, which he inherited from his father; who, although a laird, had been so little of a gentleman, that the lordship had not been enough to make one of his son. – Warlock o' Glenwarlock by George MacDonald
  19. The Governor remained firm and unmoved to the end of the session – History of the Constitutions of Iowa by Benjamin F. Shambaugh

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