Usage examples for selfish

  1. I'm selfish to ask you, but I haven't seen you much lately, I've been so busy with the crops." – A Tar-Heel Baron by Mabell Shippie Clarke Pelton
  2. You can show me how not to be selfish." – Oh, Money! Money! by Eleanor Hodgman Porter
  3. I never knew anyone so selfish. – The Children of Wilton Chase by Mrs. L. T. Meade
  4. I know I am selfish, but I do hate being separated from you. – The Girl Scouts in Beechwood Forest by Margaret Vandercook
  5. They are all selfish. – Shirley by Charlotte Brontë
  6. And it was not for Betty's sake or even mother's; it was a selfish happiness. – The Camp Fire Girls Across the Seas by Margaret Vandercook
  7. If I hadn't been the most selfish girl in the world I wouldn't have let you. – Indian Summer by William D. Howells
  8. We never ask for anything in return but a little selfish pleasure in knowing that we have borne children that are invariably better than the children that any other mother may have brought into the world. – From the Housetops by George Barr McCutcheon
  9. Of course I could not be so selfish as to refuse her. – Doctor Cupid by Rhoda Broughton
  10. 2. Some people who seem to be selfish are not really so. – Composition-Rhetoric by Stratton D. Brooks
  11. I do feel so selfish. – There was a King in Egypt by Norma Lorimer
  12. There was revealed in tone and manner the fact that even selfish Frances had come to care for something more than for herself. – Sisters by Ada Cambridge
  13. " I was weak and selfish. – The Doctor A Tale Of The Rockies by Ralph Connor
  14. Mankind are still selfish, are interested in what will serve them. – The Art of Public Speaking by Dale Carnagey (AKA Dale Carnegie) and J. Berg Esenwein
  15. Thee must not think him selfish; he is not a selfish man; but he cannot bear to see anything go beside the child. – Mrs. Halliburton's Troubles by Mrs. Henry Wood
  16. I think you are selfish, and cruel to your friends. – The Sowers by Henry Seton Merriman
  17. I may be selfish, but- it's as much for his happiness as mine. – The Golden Silence by C. N. Williamson and A. M. Williamson
  18. But are you not all selfish? – A Dominie in Doubt by A. S. Neill
  19. They're too selfish- aren't they, Harry? – The Hero of Garside School by J. Harwood Panting
  20. Yes, it is selfish; and it is your thoroughly selfish people, who get the best of everything in this world. – A Terrible Secret by May Agnes Fleming