Definitions of seize

  1. take possession of without permission or take with force, as after a conquest or invasion; " the invaders seized the land and property of the inhabitants"; " The army seized the town"; " The militia captured the castle"
  2. seize and take control without authority and possibly with force; take as one's right or possession; " He assumed to himself the right to fill all positions in the town"; " he usurped my rights"; " She seized control of the throne after her husband died"
  3. take temporary possession of as a security, by legal authority; " The FBI seized the drugs"; " The customs agents impounded the illegal shipment"; " The police confiscated the stolen artwork"
  4. affect; " Fear seized the prisoners"; " The patient was seized with unberable pains"; " He was seized with a dreadful disease"
  5. take hold of; grab; " The salesclerk quickly seized the money on the counter"; " She clutched her purse"; " The mother seized her child by the arm"; " Birds of prey often seize small mammals"
  6. capture the attention or imagination of; " This story will grab you"; " The movie seized my imagination"
  7. take or capture by force; " The terrorists seized the politicians"; " The rebels threaten to seize civilian hostages"
  8. hook by a pull on the line; " strike a fish"
  9. take possession of by force, as after an invasion; " the invaders seized the land and property of the inhabitants"; " The army seized the town"; " The militia captured the castle"
  10. To fall or rush upon suddenly and lay hold of; to gripe or grasp suddenly; to reach and grasp.
  11. To take possession of by force.
  12. To invade suddenly; to take sudden hold of; to come upon suddenly; as, a fever seizes a patient.
  13. To take possession of by virtue of a warrant or other legal authority; as, the sheriff seized the debtor's goods.
  14. To fasten; to fix.
  15. To grap with the mind; to comprehend fully and distinctly; as, to seize an idea.
  16. To bind or fasten together with a lashing of small stuff, as yarn or marline; as, to seize ropes.
  17. To take possession of forcibly or suddenly; grasp; snatch; take hold of.
  18. Seizable.
  19. To take possession of forcibly: to take hold of: to grasp: to apprehend.
  20. SEIZER.
  21. To take possession of; grasp; clutch; apprehend.
  22. To grasp suddenly or forcibly; take by force; affect suddenly and power fully.
  23. To bind by turns of cord; lash.
  24. To grasp suddenly; to take possession of by force, with or without right; to take hold of; to fasten; to apprehend. To be seized of to have possession.
  25. To take or lay hold on suddenly; to take possession of without right; to take forcible possession of by legal authority; to arrest or capture; to fasten on or upon.

Quotes of seize

  1. When something startlingly new comes up, young people, especially, seize it. You can't complain about that. I think its heyday has passed, but it's had an effect and will continue to have an effect. – M. H. Abrams
  2. I urge the Iraqi leadership for sake of its own people... to seize this opportunity and thereby begin to end the isolation and suffering of the Iraqi people. – Kofi Annan
  3. This American system of ours, call it Americanism, call it capitalism, call it what you will, gives each and every one of us a great opportunity if we only seize it with both hands and make the most of it. – Al Capone
  4. Yet in all those cases I finally steeled myself to seize the opportunity, and find a way to muddle through and eventually conclude that I had, in fact, chosen the right path, as risky as it seemed at the time. – Vinton Cerf
  5. You've got to seize the opportunity if it is presented to you. – Clive Davis
  6. God hates violence. He has ordained that all men fairly possess their property, not seize it. – Euripides
  7. You're never guaranteed about next year. People ask what you think of next season, you have to seize the opportunities when they're in front of you. – Brett Favre
  8. Don't wait for extraordinary opportunities. Seize common occasions and make them great. Weak men wait for opportunities; strong men make them. – Orison Swett Marden
  9. People in Eastern Washington should be confident in knowing that the government will not come and seize their property or farm land. Legislation is needed to correct this decision and restore the principle of having limited government involvement. – Cathy McMorris
  10. Success is not assured, but America is resolute: this is the best chance for peace we are likely to see for some years to come- and we are acting to help Israelis and Palestinians seize this chance. – Condoleezza Rice
  11. Lose not yourself in a far off time, seize the moment that is thine. – Friedrich Schiller
  12. Let us seize the special opportunity that is ours to act boldly and decisively at a time when the eyes of our fellow citizens, both present and future, are upon us. – Bob Taft
  13. Some parents say it is toy guns that make boys warlike. But give a boy a rubber duck and he will seize its neck like the butt of a pistol and shout "Bang!" – George Will
  14. Carpe per diem- seize the check. – Robin Williams

Usage examples for seize

  1. Yesterday and the day before they did not seize on them any more. – The George Sand-Gustave Flaubert Letters by George Sand, Gustave Flaubert Translated by A.L. McKensie
  2. Why didn't he seize me at once? – Hunger by Knut Hamsun
  3. As Leo, who went in front of me, walked from the stairway I saw Oros and another priest seize him by the arms, and called to him to ask what they were doing. – Ayesha The Further History of She-Who-Must-Be-Obeyed by H. Rider Haggard
  4. Before the others could seize their arms, we had got hold of them. – Old Jack by W.H.G. Kingston
  5. A plot to seize the Planetara? – Astounding Stories of Super-Science, March 1930 by Various
  6. And before she had brought that shame on the house of Dare, said Hamish, excitedly, do you not think that I would seize her- that I would seize her with my own hands? – Macleod of Dare by William Black
  7. Madge felt Mr. Preston seize her and drag her away with him, but not before she and all the watchers had caught sight of David. – Madge Morton's Trust by Amy D. V. Chalmers
  8. Lieutenant Jackson is your father's best friend, Ethel Blue, and Mrs. Jackson knew your mother and she wants to seize this opportunity of our being near Buffalo this summer to see her friend's little daughter. – Ethel Morton at Chautauqua by Mabell S. C. Smith
  9. Arthur was about to seize it, when Jack said, " You had better take this thing, Arthur; the natives might make a row if you drank from their bucket." – A Chapter of Adventures by G. A. Henty
  10. In the second place, Herrero would probably attempt to seize her here. – Long Odds by Harold Bindloss
  11. It is a common belief that he lies in wait upon trees and rocks to seize the deer passing beneath. – Popular Adventure Tales by Mayne Reid
  12. When will be the best time to seize Fu- Manchu and to restore your brother? – The Insidious Dr. Fu-Manchu by Sax Rohmer
  13. I at once seize the opportunity that is offered to me. – The Two Destinies by Wilkie Collins
  14. He made a movement as if to seize her, and she sprang away. – The Salamander by Owen Johnson
  15. But when we want to seize the place, shall we be allowed to enter quietly? – The Fortune of the Rougons by Emile Zola
  16. Then Lantier, who had been watching Gervaise's face, seemed to seize an opportunity that he had been waiting for ever since the morning. – L'Assommoir by Emile Zola
  17. The sky was so pure that the eye could seize the slightest details on the horizon. – The Village Rector by Honore de Balzac
  18. Thou art mine- all- only mine: and thus- thus I seize and claim thee! – The Last Days of Pompeii by Edward George Bulwer-Lytton
  19. You see, the books are gone, and there's no use in trying to get hold of that end of the road; but we can seize it from this end and get everything except their building. – The Short Line War by Merwin-Webster
  20. I've a tarnation good mind to seize ye up an' give ye four dozen right away. – The Island Treasure by John Conroy Hutcheson

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