Definitions of seesaw

  1. To move up and down or to and fro; vacillate.
  2. To cause to move backward and forward in seesaw fashion.
  3. To move with a reciprocating motion; to move backward and forward, or upward and downward.
  4. To move up and down or backward and forward.
  5. To move backwards and forwards.
  6. To move up and down.
  7. ride on a plank
  8. move up and down as if on a seesaw
  9. To swing or move backwards and forwards, or to move upwards and downwards; to move with a vibratory or reciprocating motion.
  10. a plaything that is ridden up and down by children at either end
  11. A play among children in which they are seated upon the opposite ends of a plank which is balanced in the middle, and move alternately up and down.
  12. A plank or board adjusted for this play.
  13. Same as Crossruff.
  14. Motion to and fro, or up and down, as on a balanced plank; a plank balanced on some support, enabling those who sit at the ends to move up and down alternately.
  15. Motion to and fro, as in the act of sawing: a play among children, in which two seated at opposite ends of a board supported in the centre move alternately up and down.
  16. A reciprocating up- and- down motion; children's game.
  17. A sport in which persons are borne up and down on opposite ends of a balanced plank; any similar movement.
  18. A motion backwards and forwards, or upwards and downwards; a reciprocating motion; a play of children, in which two are seated, one on each end of a board balanced on a log of wood, or similar elevation, the board being then made to move alternately up and down.
  19. Moving up and down, or to and fro; having a reciprocating motion.
  20. Pert. to a motion up and down, or to and fro.