Definitions of seer

  1. a person with unusual powers of foresight
  2. an authoritative person who divines the future
  3. an observer who perceives visually; " an incurable seer of movies"
  4. Sore; painful.
  5. One who sees.
  6. A person who foresees events; a prophet.
  7. One who foresees future events; a prophet.
  8. One who foresees events: a prophet.
  9. One who foresees events.
  10. One who foretells; a Prophet.
  11. One who sees; one gifted with special spiritual prophetic vision or insight.
  12. One who sees, used in composition, as a sight- seer; a person who can foresee future events; a prophet.
  13. See under see.

Usage examples for seer

  1. Oh, let me see, Seer Marcous. – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke
  2. Yes, I think you must love me like that, Seer Marcous. – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke
  3. You remember what the old seer says in the book of Revelation, as he looks forward to the perfect condition of things. – Our Unitarian Gospel by Minot Savage
  4. So, the seer will be killed. – This Simian World by Clarence Day Jr.
  5. This being so, it is readily seen that the seer who is able to contact with any of the higher planes of being might thereupon see the reflection, more or less clear, or more or less distorted, of that which is present in its completeness on the highest plane of all. – Genuine Mediumship or The Invisible Powers by Bhakta Vishita
  6. They looked with the indefinite wonder of the railway- station sight- seer upon the faces at the windows of the passing coaches. – Men, Women, and Boats by Stephen Crane
  7. Indeed, there is a verse in the Second Book of Samuel which shows that the old word seer was still in use after the death of Samuel. – The Bible: what it is by Charles Bradlaugh
  8. Many people had assembled to hear the great seer. – Philippine Folk-Tales by Clara Kern Bayliss, Berton L. Maxfield, W. H. Millington, Fletcher Gardner, Laura Watson Benedict
  9. For she was a born seer. – The Story of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland and of the new Gospel of Interpretation by Edward Maitland
  10. The seer who foretold that I should meet and win you was King of the Spanish Gypsies, and his every prophecy comes true. – Bandit Love by Juanita Savage
  11. " Oh, you darling Seer Marcous," cried Carlotta. – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke
  12. You have never said it before, Seer Marcous darling, and I must kiss you. – The Morals of Marcus Ordeyne by William J. Locke