Definitions of secretary

  1. an assistant who handles correspondence and clerical work for a boss or an organization
  2. One who keeps, or is intrusted with, secrets.
  3. An officer of state whose business is to superintend and manage the affairs of a particular department of government, and who is usually a member of the cabinet or advisory council of the chief executive; as, the secretary of state, who conducts the correspondence and attends to the relations of a government with foreign courts; the secretary of the treasury, who manages the department of finance; the secretary of war, etc.
  4. A piece of furniture, with conveniences for writing and for the arrangement of papers; an escritoire.
  5. One who attends to correspondence and business for a company or an individual; an executive who transacts the business of a government department; a writing desk.
  6. A writing- desk.
  7. One employed to write for another: a public officer intrusted with the affairs of a department of government, or of a company, etc.
  9. One who writes for another; head of a department of government; piece of furniture arranged for writing.
  10. One who attends to correspondence, records, etc.
  11. A head of a governmental department.
  12. A person employed by a public body, a company, or an individual to write orders, letters, despatches, & c.; one who conducts the affairs of a public company or a particular department of Government.
  13. A confidential person employed to assist another in conducting correspondence, in drawing out documents, & c.; the chief or head clerk of a man of business, or of a public company; a minister of state intrusted with the management of a particular department of public business; a bird living almost wholly on snakes, remarkable for its very long legs, found at the Cape of Good Hope- so called from the tuft of feathers behind the head bearing a fancied resemblance to a pen stuck behind a man's ear.
  14. Secretarial.