Usage examples for se

  1. 23, 'repente ad studium hunc se adplicasse musicum, ' means only that he had not made himself prominent by previous exercises in play- writing. – The Student's Companion to Latin Authors by George Middleton Thomas R. Mills
  2. Demas and Gestas have a quarrel, in which Gestas is rather roughly handled, and goes off growling like every villain, qui se respecte,-" I will have r- revenge." – Castilian Days by John Hay
  3. Parliament was humane, and would protect an illegal marriage per se, but not an illegal marriage competing with a legal one, that would be to tamper with the law of England, and, indeed, with morality; would compel a woman to adultery in her own despite." – Put Yourself in His Place by Charles Reade
  4. He likes the United States, per se, and does not like Mexico; but he says the latter is the better for trade. – In Indian Mexico (1908) by Frederick Starr
  5. Oh, I'se so hungry! – Blue Robin, the Girl Pioneer by Rena I. Halsey
  6. Poeni accipere se responderunt et, quibus acciperent animis, iisdem se gesturos. – Selections from Viri Romae by Charles François L'Homond
  7. The former supported by the Livingstons and Clintons, the latter per se. – Memoirs of Aaron Burr, Complete by Matthew L. Davis
  8. Viginti talenta piratae postulaverant: ille quinquaginta daturum se spopondit. – Selections from Viri Romae by Charles François L'Homond
  9. Se, because the s belongs to the words from which they are derived. – 1001 Questions and Answers on Orthography and Reading by B. A. Hathaway
  10. I don't want ter put no disrespec' on yo' gran'mammy, but if Marse Bob Bucknor had er had his way Miss Ann would er been her." – The Comings of Cousin Ann by Emma Speed Sampson
  11. Language it must be remembered does not belong per se to nationality; it belongs to it in virtue of an act by which a will, a personality, affirms itself with a determined content. – The Reform of Education by Giovanni Gentile
  12. I'se got lunch all ready to eat! – Natalie: A Garden Scout by Lillian Elizabeth Roy
  13. Now it was recognized that trade unions are per se lawful organizations and, though men may band themselves together to effect a criminal object under the disguise of a trade union, such a purpose is not to be assumed without positive evidence. – A History of Trade Unionism in the United States by Selig Perlman
  14. He wasn't threatening me, per se. – Life Blood by Thomas Hoover
  15. My boss said the next tenant would insist on having the doors taken out, so you might as well kick about them being here, and see if you’ se kin get the winder in. – Polly in New York by Lillian Elizabeth Roy