Definitions of screw

  1. To apply a screw to: to press with a screw: to twist: to oppress by extortion: to force: to squeeze.
  2. To apply a screw to; fasten or press with a screw; twist; extort.
  3. To fasten with a screw or screws.
  4. To oppress; twist; distort.
  5. To turn with a motion like a screw.
  6. To turn; twist about; practise oppression.
  7. To turn or apply a screw to; to fasten by a screw; to squeeze; to press; to oppress by exactions; to distort.
  8. To turn or move by a screw; to press; to squeeze; to fasten with a screw; to deform by contortions; to oppress by exactions; to twist.
  9. A cylinder of metal or wood threaded in a forward- moving spiral on its external surface; also a hollow so threaded that such a cylinder fits and advances in it; anything containing or resembling such a device; as, a wood screw; a turn of, or as of, such a device; a means of propelling steamships, etc.
  10. A cylinder with a spiral groove or ridge on either its outer or inner surface, used as a fastening and as a mechanical power: a screw- propeller.
  11. A cylinder grooved spirally, used for various purposes.
  12. A cylinder grooved in an advancing spiral.
  13. A bladed propelier. screw propeller.
  14. An extortioner.
  15. A cylinder of wood or metal grooved spirally; one of the six mechanical powers, being a modification of the inclined plane; a screw- propeller.
  16. A bolt or bar of metal or wood, generally of small size, with a spiral thread or ridge, called the exterior or male screw- a socket or tube with the spiral thread indented is called the interior or female screw- used for fastening; one of the mechanical powers, commonly called the screw and nut; a niggardly person.