Definitions of scanning

  1. the process of translating photographs into a digital form that can be recognized by a computer

Usage examples for scanning

  1. The governor's eyes were scanning him critically, almost dazzling him with their steely gray. – From the Valley of the Missing by Grace Miller White
  2. By habit a close reader of all who came within range of her observation, she occupied quite as much time in scanning the face of Mr. Lyon, and noting each varying expression of eyes, lips, and voice, as in listening to his entertaining description of things heard and seen. – The Good Time Coming by T. S. Arthur
  3. One morning, scanning the daily paper to see if there were some call for help in its pages, she noticed the case of a man awaiting trial for a serious offence. – The Angel Adjutant of "Twice Born Men" by Minnie L. Carpenter
  4. He walked in the fields and around the corrals; he often paced up and down the porch, scanning the horizon below, where the road from Kremmling showed white down the valley; and part of the time he stayed indoors. – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  5. At the slightest sound, he would stop, and listen, nervously scanning the trees ahead lest he should catch sight of a red- skin figure standing motionless in the shade. – Dusty Star by Olaf Baker