Usage examples for savoured

  1. And already it seemed to me my nostrils savoured that faint raw perfume of the mounting sea, which only those who have lived their whole lives inland can wind at great distances. – Cardigan by Robert W. Chambers
  2. Her feeling had not been the same about Mrs. Rindge: Mrs. Kame's actions savoured of deliberate choice, of an inherent and calculating wickedness. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  3. Day after day 'the March sun felt like May, ' if ever it did; and though it dried no hawthorn- spray in the broken heart of our little old town, and there was neither blade nor petal to watch a- blowing and a- growing, yet Spring was in our nostrils and we savoured it the more eagerly for all we knew it must bring forth. – Notes of a Camp-Follower on the Western Front by E. W. Hornung
  4. You want someone decent, she added, addressing the Twin, whose remark she felt to have savoured of presumption. – Mount Music by E. Oe. Somerville and Martin Ross
  5. The southern provinces in particular have been hitherto neglected, insomuch that no writer has savoured the world with any tolerable account of them. – An Historical Account Of The Rise And Progress Of The Colonies Of South Carolina And Georgia, Volume 1 by Alexander Hewatt
  6. Brother Fabian was the one he liked the least; indeed he had a strong dislike and distrust of the man, and was well aware that the ecclesiastical habit was the only thing about him that savoured of sanctity or the monastic life. – The Secret Chamber at Chad by Evelyn Everett-Green
  7. His anecdotes were always pungent, personal without being egotistical, and savoured always with a certain dry and perfectly natural humour. – The Master Mummer by E. Phillips Oppenheim
  8. Even in this present parting there had been a prudence, an exercise of reasoning, that savoured more of duty than love. – Alice, or The Mysteries, Book I by Edward Bulwer Lytton
  9. It savoured indeed, more of the sinner. – Loyal to the School by Angela Brazil
  10. Spenser, indeed, tells us himself that he had caused some of the native poetry to be translated to him, and had found that it " savoured of sweet wit and good invention." – The Glories of Ireland by Edited by Joseph Dunn and P.J. Lennox
  11. He savoured her youth, and himself felt curiously young. – The Pretty Lady by Arnold E. Bennett
  12. Whilst this was doing, Oxford looked on as if he had not been a party to all which had passed; broke now and then a jest, which savoured of the Inns of Court and the bad company in which he had been bred. – Letters to Sir William Windham and Mr. Pope by Lord Bolingbroke
  13. The self- tormenting poet thought they savoured more of hatred to the Este family, than honour to himself. – Stories from the Italian Poets: With Lives of the Writers, Vol. 2 by Leigh Hunt
  14. Perhaps she thought your letter savoured of charity or pity. – Lucy Maud Montgomery Short Stories, 1904 by Lucy Maud Montgomery
  15. Bent as I was on penetrating the secret of things at first hand, and by means of a thought absolutely free, I was never for a moment disposed to turn, as my so- called free- thinking contemporaries one and all had turned, a scornful back upon whatever related to or savoured of the current religion. – The Story of Anna Kingsford and Edward Maitland and of the new Gospel of Interpretation by Edward Maitland
  16. Which law, notwithstanding its fine gloss, savoured not a little of an inquisition, and introduced a species of persecution ill calculated to answer the end for which it was intended. – An Historical Account Of The Rise And Progress Of The Colonies Of South Carolina And Georgia, Volume 1 by Alexander Hewatt