Definitions of save

  1. bring into safety; " We pulled through most of the victims of the bomb attack"
  2. spend sparingly, avoid the waste of; " This move will save money"; " The less fortunate will have to economize now"
  3. feather one's nest; have a nest egg; " He saves half his salary"
  4. make unnecessary an expenditure or effort; " This will save money"; " I'll save you the trouble"; " This will save you a lot of time"
  5. the act of preventing the opposition from scoring ( in sports); " the goalie made a brilliant save"; " the relief pitcher got credit for a save"
  6. spend less; buy at a reduced price
  7. refrain from harming
  8. ( sports) the act of preventing the opposition from scoring; " the goalie made a brilliant save"; " the relief pitcher got credit for a save"
  9. save from ruin, destruction, or harm
  10. save from sins
  11. The herb sage, or salvia.
  12. To make safe; to procure the safety of; to preserve from injury, destruction, or evil of any kind; to rescue from impending danger; as, to save a house from the flames.
  13. Specifically, to deliver from sin and its penalty; to rescue from a state of condemnation and spiritual death, and bring into a state of spiritual life.
  14. To keep from being spent or lost; to secure from waste or expenditure; to lay up; to reserve.
  15. To rescue from something undesirable or hurtful; to prevent from doing something; to spare.
  16. To hinder from doing, suffering, or happening; to obviate the necessity of; to prevent; to spare.
  17. To hold possession or use of; to escape loss of.
  18. To avoid unnecessary expense or expenditure; to prevent waste; to be economical.
  19. Except; excepting; not including; leaving out; deducting; reserving; saving.
  20. Except; unless.
  21. To avoid unnecessary expense; to prevent waste; to lay by money.
  22. Saver.
  23. To bring safe out of evil: to rescue: to reserve: to spare.
  24. To be economical.
  25. To preserve; rescue; spare.
  26. To make safe; rescue; protect; preserve.
  27. Excepting; unless.
  28. To rescue from danger; to rescue from spiritual ruin and death; to hinder from being spent or lost; to prevent; to lay by; to spare; to keep up.
  29. To hinder expense.
  30. To preserve from any evil; to rescue; to deliver; to bring out of danger; to preserve from everlasting misery; to hinder from being spent or lost; to prevent; to preserve or lay by; to spare.
  31. Except; not including.

Usage examples for save

  1. Do you think I'd be taking the trouble to save you else? – A Little Union Scout by Joel Chandler Harris
  2. Ah, will you not make me whole, will you not save me? – Flemish Legends by Charles de Coster
  3. Sir, I have told you- save me. – A Bachelor's Dream by Mrs. Hungerford
  4. You find Max and save him- don't look like that! – K by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  5. It would save ever so much work. – Half a Dozen Girls by Anna Chapin Ray
  6. You tried to save my father. – The Courier of the Ozarks by Byron A. Dunn
  7. It had not come into her head that she could let Timothy go and save herself. – The Motor Maids by Palm and Pine by Katherine Stokes
  8. Sir, will you save me? – A Bachelor's Dream by Mrs. Hungerford
  9. The only sure way to save himself would be to put the child to death before he was old enough to do any harm. – Old Greek Stories by James Baldwin
  10. I'll save you if you give up the girl. – The Mysterious Rider by Zane Grey
  11. Yes, not a thing more about her to save my life. – Ronicky Doone by Max Brand
  12. Many times since then have I thought that- spy or no spy- I had no right to save my life at her expense; I should have gone down with her. – Men, Women and Guns by H. C. (Herman Cyril) McNeile
  13. You must save him from the king. – Twenty-two Goblins by Unknown
  14. There was time to save nothing. – Cord and Creese by James de Mille
  15. Some one must save us! – Tom Swift among the Fire Fighters or, Battling with Flames from the Air by Victor Appleton
  16. I- I didn't think I was going to save any more, Jarge. – The Rosie World by Parker Fillmore
  17. It would save us all a great deal of trouble. – The Colonists by Raymond F. Jones
  18. But if I find you there, ready to start the moment I come to the town, we shall save much time." – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  19. And who is to save the young master now? – Macleod of Dare by William Black