Definitions of rut

  1. To lust, as deer.
  2. To cover in copulation.
  3. To make a rut or ruts in; - chiefly used as a past participle or a participial adj.; as, a rutted road.
  4. To cut into grooves or hollows; to make wheel tracks.
  5. To form ruts in:- pr. p. rutting; pa. t. and pa. p. rutted.
  6. To make ruts in.
  7. To have a strong sexual impulse at the reproductive period; - said of deer, cattle, etc.
  8. To lust, said of animals:- pr. p. rutting; pa. p. rutted.
  9. be in a state of sexual excitement; of male mammals
  10. To cut in ruts. See Route.
  11. To cut into ruts, as a road; to cut a line on the soil with a spade.
  12. applies to nonhuman mammals: a state or period of heightened sexual arousal and activity
  13. a settled and monotonous routine that is hard to escape; " they fell into a conversational rut"
  14. a groove or furrow ( especially one in soft earth caused by wheels)
  15. Sexual desire or oestrus of deer, cattle, and various other mammals; heat; also, the period during which the oestrus exists.
  16. Roaring, as of waves breaking upon the shore; rote. See Rote.
  17. A track worn by a wheel or by habitual passage of anything; a groove in which anything runs. Also used figuratively.
  18. The track of a wheel; a groove or hollow.
  19. A track left by a wheel.
  20. The copulation of animals, esp. of deer.
  21. Track left by wheels; furrow.
  22. A sunken track made by a wheel; any beaten track.
  23. The copulation or sexual desire in deer.
  24. A wheel- track.
  25. The engendering or copulation of deer or boars.
  26. A line cut in the soil with a spade.
  27. The season when deers mate and copulate.
  28. Rutty.