Usage examples for rumor

  1. Rumor was there before him. – Gunman's Reckoning by Max Brand
  2. Would not the rumor of his changed habit of life reach her by some means in her place of hiding, sooner or later? – Susanna and Sue by Kate Douglas Wiggin
  3. A rumor such as that was incredible. – Mary Magdalen by Edgar Saltus
  4. Rumor said, not so. – From-Twice-Told-Tales by Hawthorne, Nathaniel
  5. And the rumor of oil is what made the rival, as you call him, try to press his false claim instead of merely holding it over you as a threat." – Ralestone Luck by Andre Norton
  6. The chak said softly, I hear a rumor in the Kharsa, Raiss. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  7. Furthermore, the Queen was very much exercised over the rumor that the Grand Duchess Alexandra was to be present. – A Royal Prisoner by Pierre Souvestre Marcel Allain
  8. That was another name given weight by rumor. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  9. You understand that there was no knowledge of another child, only rumor; and then it was believed to be an hallucination of the mother, whose mind was not very strong. – Arms and the Woman by Harold MacGrath
  10. And yet at the first rumor of danger they sneak away to the woods, and leave their charge, that they had sworn to defend, so that we trusted them. – The Red Symbol by John Ironside
  11. Nobody knew quite how the rumor had first been started. – Thelma by Marie Corelli
  12. Bayport was boiling over with rumor and surmise. – Cy Whittaker's Place by Joseph C. Lincoln
  13. He was interested only in political affairs when asking for the papers, and so he was quite as much astonished as grieved when his eyes fell upon this paragraph in the Times: A painful rumor reaches us from Paris. – The Lost Lady of Lone by E.D.E.N. Southworth
  14. It ran something like this: Rumor has it that not even our genial mayor's closet is free from the proverbial skeleton. – The Mayor's Wife by Anna Katherine Green
  15. But now and then came a rumor. – The Breaking Point by Mary Roberts Rinehart
  16. The country- house was closed up and, in fact, there was a rumor that it was sold, or was about to be sold. – Lahoma by John Breckinridge Ellis
  17. The rumor spread fast. – Men Called Him Master by Elwyn Allen Smith
  18. Quigg caught his breath; the rumor in the village was the other way. – Tom Grogan by F. Hopkinson Smith
  19. He had no doubt that the previous rumor which had reached him was false. – Peter Stuyvesant, the Last Dutch Governor of New Amsterdam by John S. C. Abbott
  20. The rumor was all round the neighborhood, Virginie answered. – L'Assommoir by Emile Zola