Definitions of rude

  1. ( of persons) lacking in refinement or grace
  2. belonging to an early stage of technical development; characterized by simplicity and ( often) crudeness; " the crude weapons and rude agricultural implements of early man"; " primitive movies of the 1890s"; " primitive living conditions in the Appalachian mountains"
  3. socially incorrect in behavior; " resentment flared at such an unmannered intrusion"
  4. ( used especially of commodities) in the natural unprocessed condition; " natural yogurt"; " natural produce"; " raw wool"; " raw sugar"; " bales of rude cotton"
  5. lacking civility or good manners; " want nothing from you but to get away from your uncivil tongue"- Willa Cather
  6. Characterized by roughness; umpolished; raw; lacking delicacy or refinement; coarse.
  7. Unformed by taste or skill; not nicely finished; not smoothed or polished; - said especially of material things; as, rude workmanship.
  8. Of untaught manners; unpolished; of low rank; uncivil; clownish; ignorant; raw; unskillful; - said of persons, or of conduct, skill, and the like.
  9. Violent; tumultuous; boisterous; inclement; harsh; severe; - said of the weather, of storms, and the like; as, the rude winter.
  10. Barbarous; fierce; bloody; impetuous; - said of war, conflict, and the like; as, the rude shock of armies.
  11. Not finished or complete; inelegant; lacking chasteness or elegance; not in good taste; unsatisfactory in mode of treatment; - said of literature, language, style, and the like.
  12. Barbarous; uncultivated; ignorant; impolite; robust; strong; as, rude health; crude; unskilful; as, a rude carving; harsh; severe; as, a rude awakening to the truth.
  13. Rudely.
  14. Rudeness.
  15. Ruder.
  16. Rudest.
  17. Crude: uncultivated: barbarous: rough: harsh: ignorant: uncivil.
  18. Rough; unrefined; harsh; uncivil.
  19. Rough or abrupt; tempestuous; uncivil; uncouth.
  20. Unskilfully made or done.
  21. Rough; rugged; unformed by art; of coarse manners; clownish; uncivil; violent; tumultnous; fierce; impetuous; untaught; savage; untrained.
  22. Unformed by art; shapeless; untaught; rough; inelegant; coarse in manners or behaviour; impertinent; not polished or refined; boisterous; harsh; inclement.

Antonyms for rude

light, ace, trim, advanced, cobwebby, proper, urbane, expert, spruce, dapper, polite, agreeable, elegant, stately, sensitive, fastidious, adroit, elevated, humane, amenable, well-mannered, Gossamery, well-bred, versed, consummate, gossamer, prim, formal, master, conformable, tasty, tidy, soft, complete, civilized, nice, law-abiding, slight, benign, kind, majestic, mannerly, grateful, polished, pleasant, docile, glad, forward, good-tempered, improved, neat, skilled, slender, frothy, handsome, later, flimsy, processed, natty, Evolved, courtly, civil, crackerjack, obliged, regardful, experienced, delicate, clarified, lofty, classy, gracious, tenuous, refined, cleanly, mellow, orderly, good-natured, graceful, developed, educated, deferent, filmy, obedient, genteel, diplomatic, amiable, sweet, splendid, decorous, compliant, politic, submissive, masterly, professed, thoughtful, small, masterful, proficient, punctilious, practiced, tasteful, sleazy, late, gauzy, mild, tactful, adept, dexterous, virtuoso, correct, Bravura, solicitous, compleat, excellent, fine, good, veteran, affable, bland, accomplished, gentle, deferential, courteous, great, stiff, workmanlike, cultured, well behaved, tractable, progressive, well-disposed, towering, stiff-necked, artistic, balmy, starchy, thin, esthetic, nonabrasive, unsubstantial, pure, appreciative, minute, soothing, tender, cultivated, genial, ceremonious, artful, considerate, attentive, respectful, deft, biddable, eloquent, skillful, dutiful, cordial, sociable, insubstantial, esthetical, hospitable, thankful, stilted, Appreciatory.

Quotes of rude

  1. I very rarely came across rude or disrespectful people. I don't know how I slipped by all of them, but I honestly can't think of one experience off the top of my head that was like that. I'm sure they're there, but I'd have to think really hard to recall them. – Scott Baio
  2. With my somewhat vague aspiring mind, to be imprisoned in the rude details of a most material life was often irksome. – Edward Carpenter
  3. A rude nature is worse than a brute nature by so much more as man is better than a beast: and those that are of civil natures and genteel dispositions are as much nearer to celestial creatures as those that are rude and cruel are to devils. – Margaret Cavendish
  4. Something about her eyes or voice has always suggested the hint of a free spirit, trapped in a Peck and Peck cage, dreaming of making rude noises at public gatherings of Republicans. – Jeff Greenfield
  5. It's a rather rude gesture, but at least it's clear what you mean. – Katharine Hepburn
  6. And the first rude sketch that the world had seen was joy to his mighty heart, till the Devil whispered behind the leaves "It's pretty, but is it Art?" – Rudyard Kipling
  7. Get as rude as possible and don't let anyone tell you how to live. – Mick Mars
  8. Yeah, I'm obnoxious, yeah, I cut people off, yeah, I'm rude You know why? Because you're busy. – Bill O'Reilly
  9. Men, even when alone, lighten their labors by song, however rude it may be. – Marcus Fabius Quintilian
  10. The thing about hearing loss is that no one can see it. Most people are so impatient; they just assume that the person with hearing loss is being rude or slow -witted. – Marion Ross
  11. Keep your private life private. Be open to suggestions from different people. And just be nice. I have heard stories about people who are just plain rude to the press or fans. – Michelle Trachtenberg
  12. I can't stand a naked light bulb, any more than I can a rude remark or a vulgar action. – Tennessee Williams
  13. I was raised not to be rude but I also try to get the best work out of people. – Dick Wolf

Usage examples for rude

  1. Please forgive me for being rude – Dear Enemy by Jean Webster
  2. There, you see, Mrs. McKeon;- I am afraid I said something rude which set Miss Louey's back up, but I am sure in her heart she'd be glad of anything that would be of service to Feemy. – The Macdermots of Ballycloran by Anthony Trollope
  3. It sounded rude perhaps, but at the moment I really felt it. – The Heart of Una Sackville by Mrs. George de Horne Vaizey
  4. You will not think me rude Mr. Murray? – Pine Needles by Susan Bogert Warner
  5. Patty was sorry she had acted so rude to Bill, and sorry that he had gone. – Patty's Suitors by Carolyn Wells
  6. I hope you do not think me rude – Ideala by Sarah Grand
  7. Well, I'm sorry if I was rude – At the Time Appointed by A. Maynard Barbour
  8. Madame, you are very rude – The Maid of Maiden Lane by Amelia E. Barr
  9. I could not be rude to any lady, much less to you. – The Lights and Shadows of Real Life by T.S. Arthur Edition: 10 Language: English
  10. You must not be rude – Moor Fires by E. H. (Emily Hilda) Young
  11. If it was rude of Mopsa to say that, she is such a little young thing that she does not know better. – Mopsa the Fairy by Jean Ingelow
  12. He still looks upon me rather too much as a child, and he seems to have a pleasure in saying odd, half- rude things; but we are excellent friends- or have been. – The Emancipated by George Gissing
  13. Please don't think me rude – A Mysterious Disappearance by Gordon Holmes
  14. Forgive me if I was rude – Paul Patoff by F. Marion Crawford
  15. By this time the new life of the trail had been taken on, rude and simple. – The Covered Wagon by Emerson Hough
  16. " Your son was very rude to me," said Madame Mayer. – Saracinesca by F. Marion Crawford
  17. I said, 'I'm not going to be rude to one of the best friends I've got, just for fun. – We Three by Gouverneur Morris
  18. I am afraid you must have thought me very rude – The Passenger from Calais by Arthur Griffiths
  19. Is it rude to ask if your father was the same? – What Answer? by Anna E. Dickinson
  20. It won't be rude – The Limit by Ada Leverson

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