Definitions of rove

  1. To wander, range, or stray about at large.
  2. To draw through an eye or aperture.
  3. To twist slightly; to bring together, as slivers of wool or cotton, and twist slightly before spinning.
  4. To wander over or through.
  5. To plow into ridges by turning the earth of two furrows together.
  6. To wander or ramble over; roam over; to draw out and join together, as fibers of wool or cotton, before spinning.
  7. To rob: to wander over like robbers.
  8. To wander through.
  9. To roam over or about.
  10. To practice robbery on the seas; to wander about on the seas in piracy.
  11. Hence, to wander; to ramble; to rauge; to go, move, or pass without certain direction in any manner, by sailing, walking, riding, flying, or otherwise.
  12. To shoot at rovers; hence, to shoot at an angle of elevation, not at point- blank ( rovers usually being beyond the point- blank range).
  13. To wander or ramble.
  14. To wander about: to ramble: to range.
  15. To wander about.
  16. To wander.
  17. To wander over. See Rob.
  18. To draw, as a thread or cord through an eye or aperture.
  19. To draw through an aperture or eye, as wool or cotton; in Scot., to card wool or cotton into flakes; in prov. Eng., to turn into thread, as " to rove a stocking".
  20. To move about without certain direction in any manner; to wander; to ramble.
  21. A copper washer upon which the end of a nail is clinched in boat building.
  22. A roll or sliver of wool or cotton drawn out and slighty twisted, preparatory to further process; a roving.
  23. A roll of wool drawn out and slightly twisted.
  24. move about aimlessly or without any destination, often in search of food or employment; " The gypsies roamed the woods"; " roving vagabonds"; " the wandering Jew"; " The cattle roam across the prairie"; " the laborers drift from one town to the next".