Definitions of rocket

  1. To rise straight up; said of birds; usually in the present participle or as an adjective.
  2. shoot up abruptly
  3. propel with a rocket
  4. shoot up abruptly, like a rocket; " prices skyrocketed"
  5. Rocket larkspur. See below.
  6. An artificial firework consisting of a cylindrical case of paper or metal filled with a composition of combustible ingredients, as niter, charcoal, and sulphur, and fastened to a guiding stick. The rocket is projected through the air by the force arising from the expansion of the gases liberated by combustion of the composition. Rockets are used as projectiles for various purposes, for signals, and also for pyrotechnic display.
  7. a jet engine containing its own propellant and driven by reaction propulsion
  8. A cruciferous plant ( Eruca sativa) sometimes eaten in Europe as a salad.
  9. Damewort.
  10. larkspur. See below.
  11. A firework which explodes into the air and lets fall a shower of sparks.
  12. A firework which is projected through the air, used for making signals in war, and for saving life at sea by conveying a line over a stranded vessel.
  13. A projectile firework.
  14. A firework sent upward by gases produced as it burns.
  15. An artificial firework, composed of saltpetre, sulphur, and charcoal, which is tied to a stick and projected through the air.
  16. A popular name of some species of brassica, and other cruciferae.
  17. A cylindrical case of pasteboard or iron filled with a composition, the combustion of which produces a recoil so great as to project it rapidly through the air, its flight being guided by a rod attached.
  18. An ornamental garden- plant.