Quotes of road

  1. They almost ran me off the road several times. There are so many chances that they take to get the right photo. – Loni Anderson
  2. When I came out of the military, I had a club in Memphis and I started using the The Bar Kays as my club band. They were still only in the middle school- but I'd take them on the road with me on the weekends, sometimes. – William Bell
  3. It is a weird thing, because most people tend to get more conservative as they get older, but I find myself going the opposite way. I am sure that by the end I will be selling Marxist pamphlets on the Holloway Road – Rory Bremner
  4. I've got my whole life. There's a lifetime of experience, a lifetime of experiencing the road and the music and different players. It makes me a richer human being. I have a greater source of information to tap into, a wealth of life. – Rita Coolidge
  5. I really didn't even have time to get that many lessons, to be honest, because I was suddenly on the road I was kind of thrown in the deep end. But that wasn't a bad thing when I look back at it. – Caroline Corr
  6. The road to the future leads us smack into the wall. We simply ricochet off the alternatives that destiny offers. Our survival is no more than a question of 25, 50 or perhaps 100 years. – Jacques Yves Cousteau
  7. We're all pilgrims on the same journey- but some pilgrims have better road maps. – Nelson DeMille
  8. Skepticism is the first step on the road to philosophy. – Denis Diderot
  9. Greatness is a road leading towards the unknown. – Charles de Gaulle
  10. I have some road rage inside of me. Traffic, especially in L. A., is a pet peeve of mine. – Katie Holmes
  11. In our era, the road to holiness necessarily passes through the world of action. – Robert Green Ingersoll
  12. It's been a long road back to health and fitness for me. I am just glad to have been given the opportunity to do what I love most. – Jonah Lomu
  13. Musicals are written and then rewritten. Those things used to happen on the road Now they are done in New York during preview performances. – Peter Stone
  14. There's no road map on how to raise a family: it's always an enormous negotiation. – Meryl Streep
  15. When a man meets catastrophe on the road he looks in his purse, but a woman looks in her mirror. – Margaret Turnbull

Usage examples for road

  1. In fact, it is the road which I see her follow, in going and coming. – The Life of the Spider by J. Henri Fabre
  2. I met her first in the road – Anthony Lyveden by Dornford Yates
  3. You will find it wet there, had you not better keep to the road – At Love's Cost by Charles Garvice
  4. I had found my road – The Spy in Black by J. Storer Clouston
  5. We might just as well wish while we're waiting along the road – Dorothy Dainty at Glenmore by Amy Brooks
  6. This road has been made since your time. – The Living Link by James De Mille
  7. I was some time, too, when I was young, at work near the Marylebone Road – The Truants by A. E. W. (Alfred Edward Woodley) Mason
  8. We took to the road with many others. – The Rough Road by William John Locke
  9. Which road did you want?" – The White Peacock by D. H. (David Herbert) Lawrence
  10. But, let me live by the side of the road And be a friend to man. – Trail Tales by James David Gillilan
  11. Yes, down the road at a certain place. – The Burial of the Guns by Thomas Nelson Page
  12. After that they took the turn to the right, which was the road to Coniston. – The Complete PG Edition of The Works of Winston Churchill by Winston Churchill
  13. Then they both looked around, back along the road – Roy Blakeley's Camp on Wheels by Percy Keese Fitzhugh
  14. It's an awful road sir! – The Sins of Séverac Bablon by Sax Rohmer
  15. They had come from road making. – Cumner & South Sea Folk, Complete by Gilbert Parker
  16. As soon as it was on the road it stopped. – At the Villa Rose by A. E. W. Mason
  17. So long- but I don't expect you'll see anything of last night's man on the Caraquet road – The La Chance Mine Mystery by Susan Carleton Jones
  18. But, as she lay there, the thoughts that had never come to her in the storm out there on the River Road slipped into her mind. – Counsel for the Defense by Leroy Scott
  19. Suddenly he noticed a man coming down towards him on the road from Maldeghem. – The Legend of the Glorious Adventures of Tyl Ulenspiegel in the land of Flanders and elsewhere by Charles de Coster
  20. " Don't take that road she said. – Louisiana by Frances Hodgson Burnett

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