Usage examples for rippling

  1. Bela looked at him, and went off into a rippling peal of laughter. – The Huntress by Hulbert Footner
  2. Then she gave a little rippling laugh. – Blindfolded by Earle Ashley Walcott
  3. The rippling colors caught at his eyes. – The Defiant Agents by Andre Alice Norton
  4. Her throat grew dryer with every moment and when it was her time to burst into the rippling, tender song, she heard a trembling little voice, which she could hardly recognize for her own, stumble faintly into the melody. – Miss Pat at Artemis Lodge by Pemberton Ginther
  5. It comes of flowing on so quiet, and of that there rippling at the boat's head making a sort of a Sunday tune. – Great Expectations by Charles Dickens
  6. The first guest arrived before Missy had got her hair " smoothed up"- no time, tonight, to try any rippling, wanton effects. – Missy by Dana Gatlin
  7. A sweet rippling stream passed within five yards of my tent- door, and found its way to the Gulf about a mile below me to the west. – Expedition into Central Australia by Charles Sturt
  8. She seemed to snuggle up a little closer to him, her lips were rippling with smiles, her bright eyes saw freedom and love, her heart was very warm with gratitude to this man who was helping her. – The Imaginary Marriage by Henry St. John Cooper
  9. Just out of sight, through the still air I could hear the river, in its rippling, flow past the bank at the top of which I sat. – Daisy by Elizabeth Wetherell
  10. Whither did this rippling, running water go? – A Little Boy Lost by W. H. Hudson
  11. A rippling laugh rang through the room. – The Judgment House by Gilbert Parker
  12. He watched the sparkling water, the tiny rippling waves; he felt the freshness of the sea breeze, and the throb of the engine like a great living heart in the body of the boat. – Antony Gray,--Gardener by Leslie Moore
  13. And Lelechka poured out her rippling laughter in her hiding place. – Best Russian Short Stories by Various
  14. He sat in the singing- pew at St. Penfer Chapel, and he had a noble voice, so he shook the ashes out of his pipe, and clasping his hands behind his back was just going to give the blackbirds and thrushes his evening song, when he heard the rippling laugh of Denas a little ahead of him. – A Singer from the Sea by Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr
  15. His pause had troubled me, and I hesitated, but Mrs. Tabor would hear no arguments or excuses, and overwhelmed my stammering in a rippling torrent of proof that I was a very silly young man, and that she would not hear another word about any such an absurdity as my going; and as I stood embarrassed, Mr. Tabor, with another glance at his daughter, took my bag himself, and, his hand upon my shoulder, fairly bore me off to my room. – The Professor's Mystery by Wells Hastings Brian Hooker
  16. But his mother said that long before he could speak he chose the name for himself, for even as a baby he was full of a cheery good humor that was always sparkling out in his winning smiles and his rippling laugh. – Master Sunshine by Mrs. C. F. Fraser