Definitions of riot

  1. a wild gathering involving excessive drinking and promiscuity
  2. a joke that seems extremely funny
  3. engage in boisterous, drunken merry- making; " They were out carousing last night"
  4. a public act of violence by an unruly mob
  5. take part in a riot; disturb the public peace by engaging in a riot; " Students were rioting everywhere in 1968"
  6. a state of disorder involving group violence
  7. Wanton or unrestrained behavior; uproar; tumult.
  8. The tumultuous disturbance of the public peace by an unlawful assembly of three or more persons in the execution of some private object.
  9. To engage in riot; to act in an unrestrained or wanton manner; to indulge in excess of luxury, feasting, or the like; to revel; to run riot; to go to excess.
  10. To disturb the peace; to raise an uproar or sedition. See Riot, n., 3.
  11. To spend or pass in riot.
  12. Disorderly behavior; disturbance of the peace by a number of persons; revelry.
  13. To raise an uproar; engage in a public disturbance.
  14. Rioter.
  15. Uproar: tumult: a disturbance of the peace: excessive feasting: luxury.
  16. To brawl: to raise an uproar: to run to excess in feasting, behavior, etc.: to be highly excited.
  17. To raise an uproar; revel.
  18. Uproar; tumult; revolt; revelry.
  19. To engage in a riot; act riotously.
  20. A disturbance on the part of a crowd or mob; turbulent conduct of a large number; tumult.
  21. Revelry; wild, free growth; a medley.
  22. Uproar; tumult; tumultuous disturbance of the peace; noisy festivity.
  23. To revel; to run to excess in sensual indulgence; to luxuriate; to raise an uproar. To run riot, to act or move without restraint.
  24. A disturbance of the peace by a few or many persons; wild and noisy festivity; excessive and expensive feasting.
  25. To raise an uproar or disturbance of the peace; to feast with loose and noisy mirth; to run to excess in feasting or other sensual indulgence.

Usage examples for riot

  1. It will cost us thousands to crush this ridiculous riot. – The Napoleon of Notting Hill by Gilbert K. Chesterton
  2. It's disgraceful, it's a regular riot, and not one of those three wretched policemen to be seen. – The Parson O' Dumford by George Manville Fenn
  3. What uproar or riot or criminal demonstration might not burst suddenly into this tranquillity? – The Soul of the War by Philip Gibbs
  4. Although I know for some few days to come He will not feel it; so exceedingly He long'd to have his son: but when he sees Such monstrous household riot and expense Continue daily, without end or measure, He'll wish his son away from him again. – The Comedies of Terence by Publius Terentius Afer
  5. When we arrived the streets were packed from side to side for a considerable distance and a riot was in progress. – Mark Twain, A Biography, 1835-1910, Complete The Personal And Literary Life Of Samuel Langhorne Clemens by Albert Bigelow Paine Last Updated: February 20, 2009
  6. We are indeed in danger of being charged with riot because of what we have done to- day, for there is no good reason that we can give for this gathering. – The Children's Bible by Henry A. Sherman Charles Foster Kent
  7. Don't be frightened, Aunt Faith; it's Ruin, Riot and Revenge. – The Old Stone House by Anne March
  8. He was now taken down with yellow fever, and owing to a riot in the town he was entirely neglected, and was obliged to creep off his bed on to the floor in order to escape the bullets which were flying about. – Famous Violinists of To-day and Yesterday by Henry C. Lahee
  9. But the House always ran riot, taking everything for granted, and cracked their universal sides before he opened his mouth. – The Young Duke by Benjamin Disraeli
  10. Suppose this scene of riot is prevented, and nothing but good is the result. – Fiesco or, The Genoese Conspiracy A Tragedy by Frederich Schiller
  11. By the time that the commercial traveller had calmly finished a hearty meal there was nearly a riot, and then he emerged from the coffee- room, and suggested that the waiter had better look in the teapot. – The Reminiscences of an Irish Land Agent by S.M. Hussey
  12. From the Assembly, at a later hour in the evening, he claimed the credit of having organized the riot. – The Life of Marie Antoinette, Queen of France by Charles Duke Yonge
  13. " A riot which could arise from business motives," Lancedale added. – Null-ABC by Henry Beam Piper and John Joseph McGuire
  14. His mind was running riot! – The Further Adventures of Jimmie Dale by Frank L. Packard
  15. Oh, as for me, I am off to the Club to hear further details of the riot and afterward to a supper with Madame de Flahaut. – Calvert of Strathore by Carter Goodloe
  16. Can't you let a fellow catch forty winks without sending out the riot squad? – Swamp Island by Mildred A. Wirt