Definitions of ring

  1.   To make ( a sound), as by ringing a bell; to sound.
  2.   A circle: a small hoop, usually of metal, worn on the finger as an ornament: a circular area for races, etc.: a circular group of persons: a clique or combination for selfish purposes in politics: the prize ring, the occupation of the pugilist.
  3.   To sound, as a bell or other sonorous body; to practise the art of ringing bells; to tinkle; to be filled with talk. To ring the changes upon, to use in various senses.
  4.   A circular band, as of gold for the finger.
  5.   The sound as of a bell or a metallic body; the loud repeated sounds, as of voices in acclamation; a peal or chime of bells.
  6.   A circle, or anything in the form of a circular line or hoop; a circular course or area; a group round; a combination for private ends; the pugilistic class.
  7.   To sound loud; to resound; to be filled with a ringing or reverberating sound.
  8.   Ringing.
  9.   To sound as a bell when struck: to tinkle: to practice the art of ringing bells: to continue to sound: to be filled with report.
  10.   To cause to sound, particularly by striking a metallic body; to sound aloud.
  11.   A sound; especially, the sound of vibrating metals; as, the ring of a bell.
  12.   To sound, as a bell when struck; to sound loudly and clearly; as, his voice rang out; resound; as, the woods ring with song; to cause a bell to sound; as, to ring for a maid; to be filled with report or talk; as, the whole town rings with his fame.
  13.   an association of criminals; " police tried to break up the gang"; " a pack of thieves"
  14.   The solid generated by the revolution of a circle, or other figure, about an exterior straight line ( as an axis) lying in the same plane as the circle or other figure.
  15.   A clique; an exclusive combination of persons for a selfish purpose, as to control the market, distribute offices, obtain contracts, etc.
  16.   To sound, as a bell; announce or proclaim, as by sounding bells.
  17.   The sound made by a bell or by metals made to vibrate; a circle; a hoop or circular band; a small hoop of gold, etc., worn as an ornament, usually on the finger or attached to the ear; a space set off for contests or displays; as, a circus ring; a race course; a combination of men, usually for a selfish aim or purpose; as, a political ring.
  18.   the sound of a bell ringing; " the distinctive ring of the church bell"; " the ringing of the telephone"; " the tintinnabulation that so volumnously swells from the ringing and the dinging of the bells"-- E. A. Poe
  19.   attach a ring to the foot of, in order to identify; " ring birds"; " band the geese to observe their migratory patterns"
  20.   An inclosed space in which pugilists fight; hence, figuratively, prize fighting.
  21.   A circular area in which races are or run or other sports are performed; an arena.
  22.   The plane figure included between the circumferences of two concentric circles.
  23.   sound loudly and sonorously; " the bells rang"
  24.   ring or echo with sound; " the hall resounded with laughter"
  25.   An instrument, formerly used for taking the sun's altitude, consisting of a brass ring suspended by a swivel, with a hole at one side through which a solar ray entering indicated the altitude on the graduated inner surface opposite.
  26.   To cause to sound, as metal when struck; to produce ( a sound), as by striking a bell; as, ring the alarm; proclaim aloud or abroad; as, ring in the year; to put a ring around; encircle; to fit or decorate with a ring.
  27.   To sound, as a bell; be filled with sound.
  28.   To surround with a ring, or as with a ring; to encircle.
  29.   To encircle; supply with rings.
  30.   A chime, or set of bells harmonically tuned.
  31.   A circular group of persons.
  32.   A continuous substance inclosing a plane circular space, as femoral ring.
  33.   To make a ring around by cutting away the bark; to girdle; as, to ring branches or roots.
  34.   Any loud sound; the sound of numerous voices; a sound continued, repeated, or reverberated.
  35.   Rang.
  36.   A sound, esp. of metals: the sound of many voices: a chime of many bells.
  37.   Sound, as of a bell.
  38.   get or try to get into communication ( with someone) by telephone; " I tried to call you all night"; " Take two aspirin and call me in the morning"
  39.   To cause to sound, especially by striking, as a metallic body; as, to ring a bell.
  40.   1. A circular band surrounding a wide central opening. 2. In anatomy, annulus, any approximately circular structure surrounding an opening or a level area. 3. The chain of atoms in a closed- chain compound.
  41.   jewelry consisting of a circular band of a precious metal worn on the finger; " she had rings on every finger"
  42.   To cause to sound, as a metal: to produce by ringing:- pa. t. rang, rung; pa. p. rung.
  43.   A circle; hoop; circular figure or group; ares.
  44.   a strip of material attached to the leg of a bird to identify it ( as in studies of bird migration)
  45.   ( chemistry) a chain of atoms in a molecule that forms a closed loop
  46.   The sound of, or as of, a bell.
  47.   Rang, rung.
  48.   A group of tthings or persons in a circle; combination of persons, as in politics.
  49.   To sound, as a bell or other sonorous body; to cause to sound; to tinkle; to be spread abroad, as, the whole town rang with the news.
  50.   a toroidal shape; " a ring of ships in the harbor"; " a halo of smoke"
  51.   To rise in the air spirally.
  52.   A circle, or a circular line, or anything in the form of a circular line or hoop.
  53.   To encircle; to fit or arm with a ring; to cut a ring of bark out of a tree.
  54.   a square platform marked off by ropes in which contestants box or wrestle
  55.   To practice making music with bells.
  56.   To repeat often, loudly, or earnestly.
  57.   An elastic band partly or wholly encircling the spore cases of ferns. See Illust. of Sporangium.
  58.   A sound, particularly the sound of metals; any loud sound, or sound continued, repeated, or reverberated; a chime or set of bells harmonically tuned.
  59.   jewelry consisting of a circlet of precious metal ( often set with jewels) worn on the finger; " she had rings on every finger"; " he noted that she wore a wedding band"
  60.   A circular area or arena.
  61.   make a ringing sound
  62.   be around; " Developments surround the town"; " The river encircles the village"
  63.   a rigid circular band of metal or wood or other material used for holding or fastening or hanging or pulling; " there was still a rusty iron hoop for tying a horse"
  64.   To encircle: to fit with a ring.
  65.   To encircle; to fit with a ring or rings.
  66.   To continue to sound or vibrate; to resound.
  67.   To sound, as a bell or other sonorous body, particularly a metallic one.
  68.   Rung.
  69.   To cause to sound, as a bell. & c.
  70.   make ( bells) ring, often for the purposes of musical edification; " Ring the bells"; " My uncle rings every Sunday at the local church"
  71.   Specifically, a circular ornament of gold or other precious material worn on the finger, or attached to the ear, the nose, or some other part of the person; as, a wedding ring.
  72.   Anything in the form of a circle; a small hoop of gold, variously ornamented, worn as on the finger; a hoop; a circular course; the betting arena on a race- course.
  73.   To fit with a ring or with rings, as the fingers, or a swine's snout.
  74.   To be filled with report or talk; as, the whole town rings with his fame.
  75.   a characteristic sound; " it has the ring of sincerity"

Antonyms for ring

loner, open chain, individualist.

Quotes of ring

  1. I was allowed to ring the bell for five minutes until everyone was in assembly. It was the beginning of power. – Jeffrey Archer
  2. For years my wedding ring has done its job. It has led me not into temptation. It has reminded my husband numerous times at parties that it's time to go home. It has been a source of relief to a dinner companion. It has been a status symbol in the maternity ward. – Erma Bombeck
  3. I will always remember this summer day in Paris, when I was to perform a great acrobatic move. I can still see myself stepping on the ring of a packed circus along real performers. – Tony Curtis
  4. The referee is going to be the most important person in the ring tonight besides the fighters. – George Foreman
  5. That's the great thing about a tractor. You can't really hear the phone ring – Jeff Foxworthy
  6. Some guys can do more talking in the ring other guys do posing, body building, whatever the hell they do in the ring But I don't have the big body, and I'm not the big smooth talker, but I can get in the ring and wrestle. – Owen Hart
  7. I didn't want to get that ring around my lips from practicing the trumpet, because I thought the girls wouldn't like me. So I never practiced. – Wynton Marsalis
  8. All politicians should have 3 hats- one to throw into the ring one to talk through, and one to pull rabbits out of if elected. – Carl Sandburg
  9. To lack intelligence is to be in the ring blindfolded. – David M. Shoup
  10. What I learned from that loss, and also another loss that I'm going to talk about later, was that when you're there, it's not good enough to be there, when you're there, you better walk away with that ring – Don Shula
  11. I'm 33 years old now. I really want that ring I got a taste of it here. – Latrell Sprewell
  12. Having Willie Stargell on your ball club is like having a diamond ring on your finger. – Chuck Tanner
  13. Mick's not good on his own problems, but he's very good at other people's. He's been wonderful over the years. I don't mean I ring him up every week, but he's fantastic. – Charlie Watts
  14. The studios are very much business. Maybe it was always that way. It is really commercial now. Judgments are made and directions are given to make the cash register ring – Dianne Wiest
  15. The ear of the leader must ring with the voices of the people. – Woodrow Wilson

Usage examples for ring

  1. There was a little ring in Amory's voice. ” – A Crooked Mile by Oliver Onions
  2. “ " The ring Milly repeated earnestly. ” – Probable Sons by Amy LeFeuvre
  3. “ " Now," he said, " we can ring up for the first act." ” – T. Tembarom by Frances Hodgson Burnett
  4. What good will it do to ring the bell while you are in the pilot- house, Christy? ” – Taken by the Enemy by Oliver Optic
  5. “ " Did you ever see such a love of a ring – Prince Fortunatus by William Black
  6. “ Amy, ring the bell, dear. ” – The Garies and Their Friends by Frank J. Webb
  7. He burgessed a gopper ring for it. ” – Somehow Good by William de Morgan
  8. “ " The second ring she said unconstrainedly, " is not the sign of a second marriage. ” – The Dead Lake and Other Tales by Paul Heyse
  9. Glen turned back into the ring and walked to Gerard. ” – The Sweep Winner by Nat Gould
  10. “ " I hear John Henry's ring darling. ” – Virginia by Ellen Glasgow
  11. He turned the ring on his finger. ” – The Holiday Round by A. A. Milne
  12. They didn't ring true at all. ” – The Best Short Stories of 1921 and the Yearbook of the American Short Story by Various
  13. It is best to form a ring about it so that no one shall escape us. ” – Garrick's Pupil by Auguston Filon
  14. Her poetic gift was not great, but her verse is spirited, and has frequently a ring of genuine pathos. ” – The Age of Tennyson by Hugh Walker
  15. Let's get down on the floor in a ring – The Adventures of Joel Pepper by Margaret Sidney
  16. Was that a ring – The Holiday Round by A. A. Milne
  17. “ " It's Aunt Lu's diamond ring – Bunny Brown and his Sister Sue by Laura Lee Hope
  18. On the evening of that day the old King came and asked, " Did you get my grandmother's ring – The Irish Fairy Book by Various
  19. And if they don't the first time, you make him ring again. ” – The Brother of Daphne by Dornford Yates

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