Usage examples for reputation

  1. You prove yourself quite worthy of your reputation, which has often reached us. – Blind Policy by George Manville Fenn
  2. She remembered his reputation for going to sleep, and wondered whether she had been wise in her second choice. – A Modern Chronicle, Volume 5 by Winston Churchill
  3. But long before that time Spring Hill had gained a great reputation. – Wonderful Adventures of Mrs. Seacole in Many Lands by Mary Seacole Commentator: W. H. Russell
  4. Anyone who did not know us by sight, anyone who had known us by reputation from the days when we had worked together in the Dry- towns, might easily take one of us for the other. – The Door Through Space by Marion Zimmer Bradley
  5. " There," he said, at length, " you may see the advantage of a reputation." – The Road to Frontenac by Samuel Merwin
  6. She knew Julian's reputation and at first had kept out of his way. – Patsy by S. R. Crockett
  7. His reputation must depend the more on this political adventure, because he had already determined that 1841 should be his last year in Canada- he would not stay, he said, though they made him Duke of Canada and Prince of Regiopolis. – British Supremacy & Canadian Self-Government 1839-1854 by J. L. Morison
  8. They have made you a sad reputation among 'em, nephew! – The Virginians by William Makepeace Thackeray
  9. The reputation of a judge depends on the opinion which the lawyers have of him. – The American Judiciary by Simeon E. Baldwin, LLD
  10. You see, I would never deserve a bad reputation, but there's nothing else I wouldn't do to get one. – Marge Askinforit by Barry Pain
  11. Gentlemen and Ladies, I take you all to witness, this person has scandalised my reputation. – The Adventures of Roderick Random by Tobias Smollett
  12. This book was fatal to Paine's reputation. – The Rise of the Democracy by Joseph Clayton
  13. I must seek character before reputation. – My Daily Meditation for the Circling Year by John Henry Jowett
  14. I didn't know anything about the old man's reputation when I called on him. – Tales of the Road by Charles N. Crewdson
  15. Apparently the place had a reputation. – A Canadian Bankclerk by J. P. Buschlen
  16. Has not my reputation in this regard come to your ears? – Marguerite de Valois by Alexandre Dumas
  17. I am known, and I've a reputation to keep up. – Parisian Points of View by Ludovic Halévy Commentator: Brander Matthews
  18. These have both a reputation. – Love Me Little, Love Me Long by Charles Reade Edition: 10 Language: English
  19. Your reputation and your future must be saved. – Kenelm Chillingly, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton