Usage examples for repeatedly

  1. And indeed the baronet had been repeatedly on the verge of sounding his secretary, and as often had been checked both by pride in himself and pride for Lucretia. – Lucretia, Complete by Edward Bulwer-Lytton
  2. Mrs. Pitt, Philip, and Barbara remained behind on the platform, waving a last good- by, and still hearing the many thanks and expressions of gratitude which John and Betty had repeatedly poured into their ears, in return for their delightful visit to England. – John and Betty's History Visit by Margaret Williamson
  3. His bright, full eyes changed color repeatedly, but, to a close observer, one dominant expression was always in them- an expression of the deepest craft and cunning. – Rataplan by Ellen Velvin
  4. The latter felt my pulse, and nodded his head repeatedly in approbation. – The Grey Woman and other Tales by Mrs. (Elizabeth) Gaskell
  5. I perceived that he was agitated, and looking like death, and he repeatedly applied his handkerchief to his forehead; I suggested that he might be tired, and told him that I would call, with pleasure, in the morning, but he said: " No, if you don't mind hearing it all now. – Green Tea; Mr. Justice Harbottle by Joseph Sheridan LeFanu
  6. This would be no great labor were it not that to reach the lantern at the summit of the tower he must pass over more than four hundred steep and very high steps; sometimes he must make this journey repeatedly during the day. – Stories by Foreign Authors: Polish by Various
  7. This wise mother turned to that little boy and said: " Son, that ear is always waiting for just such things and whenever you feel like saying something- like getting it off your mind- you just come to me;" and he came repeatedly. – The Mother and Her Child by William S. Sadler Lena K. Sadler
  8. Dr. McKenzie has asked you repeatedly not to give my father wine, Miss Merritt. – The Tin Soldier by Temple Bailey
  9. Repeatedly he was called to the balcony over the grand entrance that the people might feast their eyes on him. – The Mad King by Edgar Rice Burroughs
  10. It was delightful to be so free, she told herself repeatedly. – His Second Wife by Ernest Poole
  11. I used one of my arms to drive him away, while, with the other, I kept myself on the top of the water; the waves rolled high, and, as they broke over me, repeatedly filled my mouth with the bitter water, so that I could not scream to let any one know where I was. – Two Festivals by Eliza Lee Follen
  12. Repeatedly had he been given work on the plantation and as many times dismissed for various causes. – At Fault by Kate Chopin
  13. When she recovered from her swoon, she asked for you, and repeatedly for Oriana, and would not be comforted until I promised her that she should be taken immediately on to Richmond. – Fort Lafayette or, Love and Secession by Benjamin Wood
  14. From Frank, Lizzie heard repeatedly, but Frank in his letters never mentioned the name of Lucy Morris. – The Eustace Diamonds by Anthony Trollope
  15. He only opened it after she had repeatedly knocked and implored him to let her come in. – The Son of His Mother by Clara Viebig
  16. The country all round is being repeatedly crossed by our troops. – With Rimington by L. March Phillipps
  17. Will he know opportunity when she is first set before him or will it be necessary to present her repeatedly? – In And Out by Edgar Franklin