Usage examples for relationship

  1. Yet the evidence for this is no better and no worse than the evidence for his relationship to Sceaf or Beow- it rests solely on the English documents. – Beowulf An Introduction to the Study of the Poem with a Discussion of the Stories of Offa and Finn by R. W. Chambers
  2. He lay there, not used to sleeping alone, and thought about the relationship. – O+F by John Moncure Wetterau
  3. The pictures inside the heads of these human beings, the pictures of themselves, of others, of their needs, purposes, and relationship, are their public opinions. – Public Opinion by Walter Lippmann
  4. It was for him to mention the relationship when I met him. – Ailsa Paige by Robert W. Chambers
  5. Julia was really happiest in her relationship with the children. – The Story Of Julia Page Works of Kathleen Norris, Volume V. by Kathleen Norris
  6. Why, his relationship to the family. – The Millionaire Baby by Anna Katharine Green
  7. How foolish of him to have imagined that the Coach was holding his relationship to Carl Carver against him! – Interference and Other Football Stories by Harold M. Sherman
  8. Our present service and our relationship make me hope that you may never desire it. – Hugh Wynne, Free Quaker by S. Weir Mitchell
  9. He recalled now the man's military career, and he marvelled at her relationship with him only the more as he did so. – A Woman's Burden by Fergus Hume
  10. Hodder himself was at a loss to account for the relationship. – The Inside of the Cup, Complete by Winston Churchill Last Updated: March 5, 2009
  11. I know that that recollection has greater power over him than any bonds of relationship. – NAPOLEON AND BLUCHER by L. Muhlbach