Definitions of rein

  1. To manage with the rein; check; restrain.
  2. To govern or direct with the reins; as, to rein a horse one way or another.
  3. To restrain; to control; to check.
  4. To hold in, direct, or cause to stop by means of reins; control.
  5. To govern with the rein or bridle: to restrain or control.
  6. To govern with a rein; restrain.
  7. To be guided by reins.
  8. control and direct with or as if by reins; as of a horse
  9. stop or slow up one's horse or oneself by or as if by pulling the reins; " They reined in in front of the post office"
  10. To govern by a bridle; to restrain. To give the reins, to give license. To take the reins, to take the guidance.
  11. one of a pair of long straps ( usually connected to the bit or the headpiece) used to control a horse
  12. any means of control; " he took up the reins of government"
  13. The strap of a bridle, fastened to the curb or snaffle on each side, by which the rider or driver governs the horse.
  14. Hence, an instrument or means of curbing, restraining, or governing; government; restraint.
  15. A leather strap fastened to each side of the bit of a horse or other animal as a means of guiding and controlling it; any means of restraint or control; as, the reins of government.
  16. The strap of a bridle: an instrument for curbing or governing: government.
  17. The strap of a bridle; restraint.
  18. A strap attached to the bit for controlling a horse.
  19. The strap of a bridle; the instrument of curbing, restraining, or governing; government.
  20. The straps of a bridle which extend from the horse's mouth to the hands of the rider or driver, and by which the horse is restrained and guided; the instrument or power of curbing or restraining; government.