Definitions of regret

  1. To experience regret on account of; to lose or miss with a sense of regret; to feel sorrow or dissatisfaction on account of ( the happening or the loss of something); as, to regret an error; to regret lost opportunities or friends.
  2. To remember with distress; wish that ( something) had not happened; feel sorry for the loss of; as, what we lose, we regret.
  3. To grieve at: to remember with sorrow:- pr. p. regretting: pa. t. and pa. p. regretted.
  4. To grieve at; remember with sorrow.
  5. To look back to with distress; grieve over; remember with longing.
  6. be sorry; " I regret to say..."
  7. decline formally or politely; " I regret I can't come to the party"
  8. feel remorse for; feel sorry for; be contrite about
  9. To remember with sorrow; to grieve at; to lament.
  10. To remember with pain of mind; to grieve at; to be sorry for; to repent of.
  11. Regretting.
  12. sadness associated with some wrong done or some disappointment; " he drank to drown his sorrows"; " he wrote a note expressing his regret"; " to his rue, the error cost him the game"
  13. regret strongly; " I deplore this hostile action"; " we lamented the loss of benefits"
  14. be sorry; " I regret to say that you did not gain admission to Harvard"
  15. Pain of mind on account of something done or experienced in the past, with a wish that it had been different; a looking back with dissatisfaction or with longing; grief; sorrow; especially, a mourning on account of the loss of some joy, advantage, or satisfaction.
  16. Mental sorrow for anything, as for past conduct or neglect.
  17. Sorrow for anything: concern: remorse.
  18. Sorrow; remorse; concern; grief for the past.
  19. Sorrow for something that can not be recalled or prevented; grief; concern.
  20. Pain of mind due to reflection on some loss or past action or negligence; sorrow.
  21. A slight degree of grief or sorrow arising from some occurrence of the past; pain of conscience for some fault; slight remorse.
  22. Regretly.
  23. Regretful.
  24. Regretted.