Definitions of regeneration

  1. forming again ( especially with improvements or removal of defects); renewing and reconstituting
  2. the activity of spiritual or physical renewal
  3. The act of regenerating, or the state of being regenerated.
  4. The entering into a new spiritual life; the act of becoming, or of being made, Christian; that change by which holy affectations and purposes are substituted for the opposite motives in the heart.
  5. The reproduction or renewal of tissues, cells, etc., which have been used up and destroyed by the ordinary processes of life; as, the continual regeneration of the epithelial cells of the body, or the regeneration of the contractile substance of muscle.
  6. The union of parts which have been severed, so that they become anatomically perfect; as, the regeneration of a nerve.
  7. The reproduction of a part which has been removed or destroyed; re- formation; - a process especially characteristic of a many of the lower animals; as, the regeneration of lost feelers, limbs, and claws by spiders and crabs.
  8. The act of renewing or reforming; the state of being renewed or reformed; in theology, the new birth of spiritual life; in biology, the forming of new tissue to supply that which has been lost.
  9. Act of regenerating: state of being regenerated: ( theol.) new birth: the change from a carnal to a Christian life.
  10. A renewing; the new birth.
  11. In Christian theol., that change of nature produced in the heart of man through the working of the Holy Spirit, significantly called " a being born again," which enables him to walk " in newness of life"; in phys., the renewal of a portion of lost or removed tissue.
  12. The renewal of a portion of the body which has been lost.
  13. Regenerationly.
  14. Regenerative.