Definitions of reflex

  1. ( physiology) without volition or conscious control; " the automatic shrinking of the pupils of the eye in strong light"; " a reflex knee jerk"; " sneezing is reflexive"
  2. an automatic instinctive unlearned reaction to a stimulus
  3. without volition or conscious control; " the automatic shrinking of the pupils of the eye in strong light"; " a reflex knee jerk"; " sneezing is reflexive"
  4. Directed back; attended by reflection; retroactive; introspective.
  5. Produced in reaction, in resistance, or in return.
  6. Of, pertaining to, or produced by, stimulus or excitation without the necessary intervention of consciousness.
  7. Reflection; the light reflected from an illuminated surface to one in shade.
  8. An involuntary movement produced by reflex action.
  9. To reflect.
  10. To bend back; to turn back.
  11. An involuntary movement or exercise of function in a part, excited in response to a stimulus applied to the periphery and transmitted to the brain or spinal cord.
  12. A sending back of light or color; an image, as in a mirror; an involuntary movement of some part of the body.
  13. Turned or thrown back from a surface, as light or color; caused by action in return; as, a reflex influence; in physiology, pertaining to or caused by some impulse, independently of will.
  14. To bend or turn back.
  15. Reflexed.
  16. Reflecting, reflected.
  17. 1. A reaction, an involuntary movement or exercise of function in a part, excited in response to a stimulus applied to the periphery and transmitted to the nervous centers in the brain or spinal cord; see also phenomenon. 2. A reflection.
  18. Involuntary muscular or organic movement, due to excitement of nerves.
  19. Bent or turned back: reflected: ( physiology) said of certain movements which take place independent of the will, being sent back from a nerve- centre in answer to a stimulus from the surface: ( paint.) illuminated by light reflected from another part of the same picture.
  20. Reflection: light reflected from an illuminated surface.
  21. Reflection.
  22. Thrown back; reflected.
  23. Turned or thrown backward; reflective.
  24. Reflection, or an image produced by reflection; a mere copy.
  25. Directed back; illuminated by light reflected from another part of the same picture; bent back or reflected; said of the motor nerves, acting independently of the will under a stimulus from impressions made on the sensory nerves.
  26. Reflection; reflected light.
  27. Thrown or bent backwards; in bot., very much curved backwards; in phys., applied to a class of actions in which certain muscles act without the will of the individual; in paint., illuminated by a light reflected from another body In the same picture.
  28. Involuntary; reaction to stimulus.

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Quotes of reflex

  1. The mental act of sensation which issues in reflex movement is so simple as to defy analysis. – Samuel Alexander
  2. The theatre is the involuntary reflex of the ideas of the crowd. – Sarah Bernhardt
  3. Rational behavior requires theory. Reactive behavior requires only reflex action. – W. Edwards Deming
  4. The racing driver's mind has to have the ability to have amazing anticipation, coordination, and reflex Because of the speed the car goes. – Emerson Fittipaldi
  5. Politics is the reflex of the business and industrial world. – Emma Goldman
  6. Repetition of the same thought or physical action develops into a habit which, repeated frequently enough, becomes an automatic reflex – Norman Vincent Peale
  7. It's like a prehistoric reflex you know, going out and getting the meat and bringing it back to the cave. You feel you're supposed to make it better, but more than likely she's asking you to tell her how you feel. – Fred Ward
  8. An orgasm is just a reflex like a sneeze. – Ruth Westheimer

Usage examples for reflex

  1. It's pure reflex now. – Tinker's Dam by Joseph Tinker
  2. In reflex actions we see a simple stimulus passing suddenly into movement: little or no control being exercised by other parts of the nervous system. – Essays: Scientific, Political, & Speculative, Vol. I by Herbert Spencer
  3. If you had one of these consciences- I mean the kind of conscience that pretends to belong to you, and acts as if it belonged to some one else, I said one of these dead- frog- leg, reflex action consciences, working and twitching away on you day and night, the way I have, you'd have to think about it sometimes. – The Lost Art of Reading by Gerald Stanley Lee
  4. There is every reason to believe that consciousness is a function of nervous matter, when, that nervous matter has attained a certain degree of organization, just as we know the other " actions to which the nervous system ministers," such as reflex action and the like, to be. – Critiques and Addresses by Thomas Henry Huxley
  5. Further, we must assume that the gloomy cast of thought so pervadingly given to the new tragedies is partly a reflex of his own experience, but also in large part an expression of the philosophy to which he had been led by his reading, as well as by his life. – Montaigne and Shakspere by John M. Robertson
  6. " Plays, cara mia, are often nothing but the reflex of real life," I said. – Vendetta A Story of One Forgotten by Marie Corelli
  7. In addition, the reflex arc is disturbed, and reflexes are lost. – Manual of Surgery Volume Second: Extremities--Head--Neck. Sixth Edition. by Alexander Miles Alexis Thomson
  8. Here, for example, is Mr. Romanes' definition of instinct:- " Instinct is reflex action into which there is imported the element of consciousness. – Luck or Cunning? by Samuel Butler
  9. In both cases the motion may be either a reflex of the motion of the observer, and is then called parallactic motion, or it may be caused by a real motion of the star. – Lectures on Stellar Statistics by Carl Vilhelm Ludvig Charlier
  10. After a thousand executions, everything was instinct and reflex – The Executioner by Frank Riley
  11. The torrent of bitter words she had poured on Elaine was the reflex action of that sudden realisation. – Swirling Waters by Max Rittenberg
  12. He delighted in the reflex stimulus of the excitement he produced in others by working on their feelings. – The Complete PG Works of Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. by Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr. (The Physician and Poet not the Jurist)
  13. She had a strange fondness for this tranquil mirror, which under sun or stars always retained the passive reflex of the sky above, and seemed to rest her weary eyes. – On the Frontier by Bret Harte
  14. It would not have been so sore perhaps at being dubbed " Betsy Prig;" but, being in fact almost a reprint of the " Herald," the suggestion of " Mrs. Harris"- a creature of no existence, the mere reflex of Mrs. Gamp's own inane and besodden brain- was too calmly provoking, as it was meant to be, to be borne in silence. – The History of "Punch" by M. H. Spielmann
  15. Some reflex motion of the brain prompted action. – Viviette by William J. Locke
  16. With lights and sounds, however, movements also attract the infant's attention very early; and the passage from reflex attention to a sort of vague interest seems to arise first in connection with the movements of the persons about him. – The Story of the Mind by James Mark Baldwin
  17. Then he was moved, his head was raised, and something hard pressed against his lower lip so that he opened his mouth in reflex – Ride Proud, Rebel! by Andre Alice Norton
  18. There are some who deem death also an hallucination, and the apparent annihilation of matter consequent upon it merely a reflex confirmation of the truth that there is no matter, only spirit; and it may well be that as the world grows in faith, death will disappear in that we shall cease to think we see matter. – The Opinions of a Philosopher by Robert Grant
  19. A flash of automatic fire from his left, a searing burn along his arm an inch or so below the shoulder- Travis' action was purely reflex – The Defiant Agents by Andre Alice Norton
  20. It was not that he deliberated, nor that his reason dictated it; but instinctively, almost from a purely reflex muscular action, he removed his hat while Miss Caroline talked, feeling himself thrill with a foreign and most suave deference. – The Boss of Little Arcady by Harry Leon Wilson