Definitions of refer

  1. To have relation; to allude; to have recourse; to appeal; to point to.
  2. To carry or send back.
  3. To place in or under by a mental or rational process; to assign to, as a class, a cause, source, a motive, reason, or ground of explanation; as, he referred the phenomena to electrical disturbances.
  4. To submit to another person or authority for information or decision; as, they referred the question to the president; to direct or send for information, etc.; as, to refer one to the dictionary; to place in a certain class, or explain as due to a certain cause.
  5. To submit to another person or authority: to assign: to reduce.
  6. To take or send back; submit to another; assign.
  7. To direct, as for information; assign; attribute.
  8. To have recourse; to apply; to appeal; to betake one's self; as, to refer to a dictionary.
  9. To have relation or reference; to relate; to point; as, the figure refers to a footnote.
  10. To carry the mind or thought; to direct attention; as, the preacher referred to the late election.
  11. To direct inquiry for information or a guarantee of any kind, as in respect to one's integrity, capacity, pecuniary ability, and the like; as, I referred to his employer for the truth of his story.
  12. To direct attention; allude; as, he did not refer to the war; appeal; apply; as, he referred frequently to his notes; to direct one person to another for information; as, to refer to a former employer.
  13. To have reference or recourse: to relate: to allude:- pr. p. referring; pa. t. and pa. p. referred.
  14. make reference to; " His name was mentioned in connection with the invention"
  15. think of, regard, or classify under a subsuming principle or with a general group or in relation to another; " This plant can be referred to a known species"
  16. send or direct for treatment, information, or a decision; " refer a patient to a specialist"; " refer a bill to a committee"
  17. have to do with or be relevant to; " There were lots of questions referring to her talk"; " My remark pertained to your earlier comments"
  18. Hence: To send or direct away; to send or direct elsewhere, as for treatment, aid, information, decision, etc.; to make over, or pass over, to another; as, to refer a student to an author; to refer a beggar to an officer; to refer a bill to a committee; a court refers a matter of fact to a commissioner for investigation, or refers a question of law to a superior tribunal.
  19. To have reference; allude.
  20. To give a reference.
  21. To submit to another for information or decision; to reduce; to assign.
  22. To direct or send to for information or judgment; to assign, as to a class or order; to point or have reference; to impute; to have recourse; to allude.
  23. Referring.
  24. Referred.