Quotes of redistribution

  1. A climate change response must have at its heart a redistribution of wealth and resources. – Emma Brindal
  2. The system that enables the most people to earn the most success is free enterprise, by matching up people's skills, interests, and abilities. In contrast, redistribution simply spreads money around. Even worse, it attenuates the ability to earn success by perverting economic incentives. – Arthur C. Brooks
  3. For my part, I plan to work out a fair and adequate redistribution of city services to all city neighborhoods. – Jane Byrne
  4. From where I am sitting much of the country now sees the President the way I have seen him since the campaign. He is an ambitious leftist, with little understanding of economics, and with far -reaching goals to create significant and irreversible growth of government and redistribution of wealth through dramatic changes in tax, regulatory, and spending policies. – Charles W. Calomiris
  5. The modern economy isn't about the redistribution of wealth, it's about the redistribution of time. – Doug Coupland
  6. Redistribution of wealth would require enormous amounts of investment. The only time an elite has accepted this has been during crises, such as in America in the 1930s under Roosevelt. – Susan George
  7. Are we interested in treating the symptoms of poverty and economic stagnation through income redistribution and class warfare, or do we want to go at the root causes of poverty and economic stagnation by promoting pro -growth policies that promote prosperity? – Paul Ryan

Usage examples for redistribution

  1. See Riel Rebellion, 1869- 1870. Redistribution Bill. – The Makers of Canada: Index and Dictionary of Canadian History by Various
  2. Gratuitous primary instruction, and the redistribution of electoral power, are other matters of signal importance, which comparatively few men will consent to discuss seriously and patiently, and for our indifference to which we shall one day surely smart. – On Compromise by John Morley
  3. The Franchise Bill was now coming before the House of Commons; and under the provisions agreed to by the Speaker's Conference, extension of the franchise was to be applied in Ireland, but there was to be no redistribution – John Redmond's Last Years by Stephen Gwynn
  4. In this process water will pass in every direction from the wet portion of the soil to the drier; it does not necessarily mean that water will actually pass from the wet portion to the drier portion; usually, at the driest point a little water is drawn from the adjoining point, which in turn draws from the next, and that from the next, until the redistribution is complete. – Dry-Farming by John A. Widtsoe
  5. This feature of the Industrial Revolution was as important as its redistribution of industry. – A Short History of English Liberalism by Walter Lyon Blease
  6. 7. Along with this redistribution of the matter composing any evolving aggregate there goes on a redistribution of the retained motion of its components in relation to one another; this also becomes, step by step, more definitely heterogeneous. – Herbert Spencer by J. Arthur Thomson
  7. The law of incessant change, he says, must be the unifying principle which in its simplest form is " the redistribution of matter and motion." – The Universe a Vast Electric Organism by George Woodward Warder
  8. Consequently a process of redistribution begins which continues until the nearest approach to equilibrium is restored. – Dry-Farming by John A. Widtsoe
  9. While posing as mediator, she could claim her share in the territorial redistribution which must accompany the peace. – The Life of Napoleon I (Volumes, 1 and 2) by John Holland Rose
  10. But if right- doing is the most important thing in the world, more important than happiness, more important to all time even than the perpetual redistribution of matter and motion, to whom is it important? – Evolution by Frank B. Jevons
  11. That this condition is coming in Europe no one will deny who sees the rush of events toward a redistribution of the profits of industry. – The Martial Adventures of Henry and Me by William Allen White
  12. But, while they expressed that desire, they communicated confidentially to Greece that it must on no account associate that desire on the part of the Government with any engagement for the redistribution of territory. – Selected-Speeches-on-British-Foreign-Policy-1738-1914 by Jones, Edgar R. (Edgar Rees), Sir
  13. When we did reach the line to take over on the night of 16th, the redistribution of boundaries cut out " D" Company's bit of the line altogether, so that they came in as a second support company, and incidentally they were in the other brigade's area, as they could not find accommodation in our own sector. – The Fifth Battalion Highland Light Infantry in the War 1914-1918 by F.L. Morrison
  14. The new and important feature of that part of the law is the recapture and redistribution of excess rates. – State of the Union Addresses of Calvin Coolidge by Calvin Coolidge
  15. To satisfy the nations without colonies, some arrangements must also be made for a redistribution of rights in colonies already belonging to the great powers. – American World Policies by Walter E. Weyl
  16. I venture no concrete conclusions on this point, beyond the general conclusion that a redistribution of wealth, with no change in the quantity of gold, might well be expected to alter the value of gold. – The Value of Money by Benjamin M. Anderson, Jr.
  17. The redistribution must be such that the resulting motive to war will be weaker than the motive to peace. – American World Policies by Walter E. Weyl